Green Drinking Straws

By Mother’s Day in Seattle my lovage is just big enough to afford several drinking straws for the brunch bloody mary.  Lovage is a great herb – easy to grow, perennial and hardy.  It smells like a strong version of celery and leaves can be used in soups when you find that celery in your produce drawer is a bit under the weather.

The best part about lovage is that it’s hollow inside. 


This makes it perfect for drinking something like a bloody mary.  Since so much of taste is smell, every sip you take imparts the perfect amount of celery-like aroma that makes it the most memorable bloody mary of the year.  And how fun is that – to drink out of something green?  When you’re done it goes in the compost heap.  Mother Nature’s drinking straw – on Mother’s Day.  So fitting.


3 Responses to Green Drinking Straws

  1. Awesome!! LOVE your blog!

  2. This is why I’m growing lovage! Can’t wait to use it this way.

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