Zucchini Morning Glory Muffins

I never seem to be able to get a picture of these because they disappear so quickly around here. I’ll try again this weekend. I make these year round, using carrots, apples or winter or summer squash depending on what’s in season. This is the best recipe for morning glory muffins that I’ve come across and I hope you enjoy it too.

The recipe is from Whole Foods Market. I don’t shop there anymore since I opt for the farmer’s market instead but they have some great recipes online. They especially have a large number of gluten free recipes and every recipe I’ve made from their site has been a keeper.

I use whole soft wheat berries in this recipe which I grind myself and substitute coconut oil for the canola oil. I also decrease the amount of sugar down to 1/4 cup from 1/2 because I think they are otherwise too sweet for breakfast. I substitute grated zucchini for the apple, being sure to press out any water before adding to the batter. I also omit the walnuts since we have nut allergies in the family but I really miss them!

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  1. Oh I love Morning Glory Muffins! Haven’t made them in awhile, but the recipe sounds delicious. Instead of just dreaming about them I should find a good gluten-free recipe so my husband can eat some too, although I’m sure I wouldn’t have trouble eating all of them myself, yum! Can’t wait to read the rest of your recipes.

  2. That recipe sounds quite yummy. I have not felt like doing much baking the past several weeks because it got so hot… but this week with the cool down … working in the kitchen does not sound like such a bad idea anymore!

  3. Sara, they have a ton of gluten free ones on that site – I think there was even a GF morning glory one with coconut flour if I remember right. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that in addition to my little one who refuses to eat anything but pancakes, and only then if the wind is blowing from the east. He’s partly the reason for this whole food journey, to be sure the food that he is willing to eat is as nutitionally dense as possible.

    KitsapFG – hope you are getting some canning and baking in now. I’ve been chained to the water bath processor all weekend, made 4 batches of bread and pizza dough, muffins and shooting for roasted chicken, blueberry cobbler & pita bread tomorrow if I’m not too burnt out by then!

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