When Life Gives You Too Many Eggs…Make Eggnog

Our chickens have started laying and they are going rock steady.  I had pre-ordered eggs from Dry Creek farm and my dear friend Charlotte brings them with the milk each week so suddenly we have a fridge full of eggs!  And that is never a bad thing in this house.

Because my preschooler goes on pancake benders I make them as healthily as possible, so that they replace any meal he might refuse.  That means loading up on eggs, cultured buttermilk and healthy coconut oil.

As long as he eats something like that I also let him have healthy homemade ice cream with lots of egg yolks.  I’ve finally come to realize that if you use just a small amount of maple syrup, whole milk and lots of egg yolks it’s pretty much a glass of milk with an omelette.  And I can’t always get him to eat omelettes.  The word ice cream, however, will stop him in his tracks any time of the day. 

Since they started laying I find myself checking on the coop two or three times a day just to see what is out there.  It’s always so fun to peek in and see little orbed treasures waiting for me.  It was even more fun when our Easter Egger started laying and we suddenly had blue/green eggs in the mix!


Today when I went out there was only one egg and everyone was busy eating grass and scratching for bugs – no one looked like they wanted to nest.  A few more trips outside revealed no new eggs.  I had already given up for the day when I went to take out the recycling.  There almost under the deck was a chicken nesting in the rhodedendrum.  When I came back out with a load for the compost she had moved on.  I hung over the deck to look where she had been laying and found two eggs waiting for me.

I decided I’d better check out a few of their other favorite spots.  In the sheltered window well where they hang out in the rain I found two more eggs.

I’m guessing this is where the Easter egg hunt originated.   It looks like I’ll be going on one every day now!

Suddenly faced with so many eggs and the weather so fowl (get it?) we decided to make some pumpkin eggnog.

I used about 3 egg yolks, 3 cups of milk, sugar to taste, a dash of vanilla and liberal grind of nutmeg. The secret ingredient though – the pumpkin puree we had just made up for the pumpkin cookies. I added about a tablespoon per cup. The flavor? Fresh pumpkin pie – the flavors of autumn and perfect for two Halloween crazed kids.


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  1. Is your eggnog raw? I’ve never made it before but we were just talking about it the other day. Everyone is really excited about it. I think your Easter egg hunt sounds fun!

  2. Hi Wardeh,

    Since they are our chickens I did make it raw for my pickly little non-eater who needs all the nutrients he can get. You can make it exactly like the NT vanilla ice cream but leave out the arrowroot powder.

    The daily easter egg hunt is becoming a running joke. My poor husband slaved over bumping out the nest boxes on our old dog house and they don’t even use them now…

    If you are buying your eggs from the store or someone you don’t know everything about I would cook it. It’s basically vanilla custard ice cream base that doesn’t get frozen with some nutmeg.

  3. Hey Annette,
    I hope you can stop by Saturday, even for a few minutes, to see the cidering. Our friend Ian is a master composter, intensive gardener and cool guy; you two should meet. We’re @ 1816 NE 170th St, 365-4784. See Ya!

  4. You are so lucky to have your chickens! That is such a bounty and the pumpkin eggnog sounds drop dead delicious!

  5. Hi Wally,

    I’m so bummed I forgot we had swimming today and then we’ll be getting ready for Halloween. I’ll be emailing about next weekend but sorry to miss Ian. I’ve written down your address & phone # if you want to remove them so they aren’t out on the net now! :)

  6. Hi Kitsap FG – I know your dh is around and the chickens honestly don’t take as much work once set up as the dog does. They are so fun – you should consider getting a few!

  7. Finally going to try your eggnog – thanks for telling me to use the NT ice cream recipe. Yes, our eggs are local and we know the growers, or else I would not contemplate doing this! Wondering… did you use cream or whole milk? I think the NT recipe calls for cream. Moot point for me, though, I’ll just use whole raw milk. Thanks!

  8. Hi Wardeh – it seems like an eggnog kinda day right now :)

    I used raw milk and just poured off the top so it was probably a little bit of both. You could certainly make it with plain whole milk though – I’m sure your raw whole milk will be perfectly creamy and yummy!

  9. Oh, yumm! Thanks for inspiring us! We’ve all had a little taste and now the rest is chilling to enjoy with pumpkin pie tonight!

  10. It’s such a great healthy indulgance – nutritionally packed and seems make for toddlers. Between the whole raw milk, raw pastured eggs and raw honey you can’t go wrong – and no sugar/grain combo to deal with.

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