Sustainable Giveaway

I thought I would do my first blog giveaway and in the spirit of sustainability it’s not something new.  It’s something in progress that will no doubt be new to you as it is also new to me. 

My barouni olives ended up filling 3 containers which are taking up precious counter space in my small kitchen.  They are alreay scored and in brine and well on their way to becoming tasty treats in early winter.


The xth person to reply in the comments with a haiku about olives and who is able to physically come pick them up wins.  The x represents a number which I’ve come up with based on a mathematical equation involving the number of syllables in a haiku.  To keep things honest I’ve already told that number to a completely impartial chicken.  The only rule for forming a haiku is that it follow the pattern of 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the last line.  For example:

Olives are tasty

Salty, succulent goodness

Martini awaits

If you were curious about the barouni olive experiment but missed the very short harvest window this is your chance!

Even if you do have some olives curing take a stab at the haiku – it’s harder then you think!

5 Responses to Sustainable Giveaway

  1. Never done a Haiku before but here goes…

    Exotic Jewels
    Mediterranean Bling
    Dressed Up For Dinner

  2. Jared here, since I want our counterspace back I’m exempt from winning, but I can’t resist a call for haiku:

    All-live in the oil
    I’ll-live in my martini
    It’s pits without you

  3. Here it goes…

    Verdantly toothsome
    So delicious, yet healthy
    Olives so divine

  4. te he he, must take a stab…

    local food is best
    preservation makes them last
    barouni olives

  5. Margaret you won! Email me and let’s get you the olives…

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