Ever Have One of Those Days?

I’m having one of those days.

I was so organized at 12:30 when I went to bed. School lunch made, packed in fridge. Muffins made, covered with tea towel. I overslept but still managed to uncover the tea towel setting over the muffins I made last night. Dorp, forgot the sugar – no one would eat them. Scramble to find breakfast for kids.

The butcher phones at 7:30 – they want to start on the cow but I don’t have responses from all the people yet on how to cut. Scramble to find emails and frantically get it off.

Work through temper tantrums to get the oldest off to the bus stop with the neighbor. Jump in the shower to quickly get ready – 15 minutes to get #2 to preschool on time. Door bursts open. Where is the yellow sheet to show how many times #1 rode the bus in October? At 9 a.m. there will be a big gathering at the school to turn in the sheet in exchange for hot cocoa and prizes. I put the sheet in the backpack on Friday. No longer there. Coax #1 back to bus stop since bus is now coming in 2 minutes and bus stop is 4 minutes away.

Rush out of shower, throw on dirty clothes from floor – get #2 dressed and brush teeth. No time for breakfast or teeth brushing myself. Jump in car and carefully drive speed limit to school. Just checking to see if you were paying attention there. Of COURSE I drove the speed limit.

Find #1 looking dejected alone with no cocoa or prizes. Try to find a teacher to get the yellow sheet. Can’t find teacher. Bell rings but a volunteer overhears situation and whisks #1 off for cocoa and prizes anyway. Monday tragedy #1 averted.

Rush #2 to preschool now 25 minutes late (of course, 45th street viaduct down to one lane so lost 10 minutes of my 2 kid free hours). Rush to Met Market to pickup some zicam and lozenges for dh who abused body too much Sat night and is now on the brink of illness, leaving this morning to fly back east. Rush home 15 minutes before dh leaves for airport.

Note the visibly flattened tire on dh’s car. Scramble to address critical emails for my online store before running out the door to drive dh to airport. Monday tragedy #2 averted.

Field phone calls enroute. Rush back to U district with 5 minutes to spare to pickup #2. Lose all kid free hours, down to 4 now for the week with which to tackle thieving credit card companies and reconcile checking accounts, and other general things to keep the store running.

Phone rings in car on way home. A customer is waiting at my house – misunderstanding that the online store is not a brick and mortar. Meet customer desperate for solution for refluxy baby. Show him my house which is completely in shambles – boxes of squash and beets on the floor, dishes strewn all over the kitchen, closets and drawers open in a mad rush to pack for airport, toys and pajamas and dog hair oh dear.

Now having addressed all critical things I can think of preparing once more to head back to school at 3:25 bell to pickup #1 and rush him to lego class in Ravenna which begins at 3:30. Hopefully I’ll remember to grab the bag of library books that must be returned today in Wedgwood “on the way home.”

Hoping I have enough chutzpah to process all those beets after returning home and making frantic dinner followed by frantic bathing of children and frantic book reading.

Do you ever have a day like that? BLAH!

2 Responses to Ever Have One of Those Days?

  1. Unfortunately… yes! Although the kid shuffle is a thing of the past for me since my daughter is now almost 18 and drives herself virtually everywhere. But the crisis filled, drive everywhere days are definitely still a thing of the present on occassion. (sigh)

    I hope you find some moments of peace to get to the beets but only after you have had a chance to put your feet up for a moment and relax a spell.

  2. Thanks Kitsap FG! I took the kids out to dinner to avoid one round of dish washing and now they are in bed. Making a new round of beet choco muffins, this time with sugar and getting ready to do orders before I turn my attention to the beets…and not happy to hear that crisis filled drive everywhere days don’t go away but not surprised. I never thought I’d be looking forward to them getting their driver’s licenses but now I see why some parents are happy to buy the cars & pay the insurance. :P

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