Preparing Quince to Use in Recipes


This spring I planted a quince tree as a total leap of faith since I’ve never before eaten a quince and was not even sure I would like them.  Boy am I glad now I did!  Raw they are painfully sour and rock hard but once cooked they are delectable – like a firm textured pear with a well rounded flavor.  They turn anything apple into something surreal.

There is a little extra preparation involved with quinces but it’s totally worth it.

To prepare your quinces peel, quarter and core them.  In a pan combine 4 cups of filtered water with 2 cups of organic sugar, one cinnamon stick and 1/2 a split vanilla bean. Add 4 quinces and simmer until they are soft and just beginning to turn pink.  Let them cool, drain and use them in any tart or pie recipe, or serve with a scoop of homemade snickerdoodle ice cream.

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