Dark Days Week 5

Much like you I’ve been all a-flurry making preparations for Christmas – some online shopping, making as many gifts as possible and baking.  While singing Christmas songs, of course.


Caramel popcorn teacher gifts made from this recipe with popcorn from Oregon.

Bath fizzy gifts made from this recipe. We scented them with peppermint essential oil in the spirit of the season.


The first time we must have added too much spray because they activated in the trays and were all bubbled out by the time they hardened so be forewarned! But what a sweet gift – peppermint fizzies and peppermint lotion for pedicures along with a candy cane. You can find inexpensive citric acid and baking soda in bulk at Zenith Supplies in Roosevelt area or bulk at PCC.


The last turkey sandwich from my bread made with Bluebird wheat and Lentz spelt, Pastured Sensations turkey and Mt. Rainier cranberries. The tomato is actually from the farmer’s market on Saturday – the last day of the hothouse tomatoes this year!


Smoky turkey kale soup made special with Rockridge Orchards hard cider. The cider totally made the soup despite the yummy smoked turkey broth we had left from our smoked turkey. The bread is a slice of Fremont Sour by Essential Baking Company, the carrots and kale are ours and the potatoes are from Methow Valley.


Pizza rolls made with white whole wheat from Azure Standard in Oregon, Tillamook mozzarella and Skagit River Ranch Italian sausage (although Mondo Brothers make the Italian sausage for PCC locally or Thundering Hooves would also be great.)


Any Jam and Nut Bars. Bluebird soft wheat, Golden Glen Creamery butter, homemade Rama apricot jam and Holmquist Hazelnut bars that would be equally good with homemade plum, sour cherry or raspberry jam. I wish I could have a lickable image of these for you because this picture just does not do them justice. They are crazy good and simple to make.


Chocolate nut emmer biscotti made with Theo cocoa nibs, pistachios from the freezer (long forgotten about…) and Lentz emmer. These came out a little crumbly and were impossible to slice thinly but tasted great. I didn’t want to gift them in that condition so darn if I didn’t have to eat them all myself.

And last but not least, homemade thin mint cookies which I forgot somehow to photograph before leaving the entire container of them at a party. I used Bluebird soft whole wheat and our backyard eggs to make them.

And lots of Wardeh’s chai latte mix and homemade eggnog from our fine feathered friends in the backyard and Dungeness Creamer milk.

That’s it for me – what have you been up to this week?

This post is part of Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister.

5 Responses to Dark Days Week 5

  1. My goodness you have been busy cooking up a storm! I love caramel corn. My sister makes up a big batch and sends out a big bag of it to us for Christmas – a treasured annual gift!

    I made traditional cut out cookies and decorated them with my daughter this weekend. I also made a batch of homemade chicken, vegetable, & pasta soup for my husband who has been laid low with the flu for several days. Used fresh carrots and parsnips from the garden, frozen peas from the summer garden, diced onions and garlic from storage, organic free range chicken broth (purchased), and some orzo pasta (purchased). Made this for Saturday’s dinner and Sunday he had broke his fever and was feeling substantially better. Doubt it was the soup – but who knows!?

  2. KFG – you should try that recipe. It’s amazingly light like the cracker jack corn is. It’s not stick to your teeth caramel at all. It’s a winner! I’ve made 3 batches already and will make another tomorrow for sure. What a frugal gift too!

    I’m a big advocate for bone broth. It really does amazing things to heal the body. Store bought broth is not the same but there is something about soup that penetrates what ails you despite.

    So glad you got to enjoy your daughter this weekend!

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  4. Where did you get the tray you used for the fizzies? I have tried a similar recipe in plastic Christmas balls, but they never seem to mold properly. The squares look easier.

  5. Hi Rebecca,

    I got them at my favorite kitchen shop but I’m sure you could find them on amazon. They aren’t cheap but I’m trying to eliminate plastic from the house and I feel comfortable with silicon. I’m not quite ready to go back to vintage ice cube trays because things were really hard to get out of them and the dividers didn’t really divide all the way.

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