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Here it is 2010, the very beginning of winter and I’m ready to can.  Tigress over at Tigress Can Jam is hosting a canning challenge for all of you up to it.  I am heartened by the amazing turnout for the challenge as well – it makes me glad to see so many of us interested in preserving our own foods, whether they were home-grown or farm-procured.  And did you notice that pumpkin marmalade recipe I linked into on her site?  How yummy does that one sound?

The challenge is each month Tigress will throw a mystery food at us that is seasonal and hopefully local.  Our challenge – to turn that subject into something converted into a lasting delicacy.  I’m ready.

January’s subject is citrus.  That one is a little hard for me since we have no local citrus, even if it is seasonal.  And while I do have a yuzu planted in the front and an improved Meyer lemon tree potted in my living room they are both too young to produce yet.  So I’m omitting the home grown and local step for this challenge in the hopes that come next winter I will have locally grown citrus fruit to work with. 

My choices then are things with lemon or things with lime.  I may just stick to straight and pure marmalade or I may try a new exeriment that has not yet come to me in a vision.  Either way I’m excited to source some organically grown limes, lemons or yuzus to work with.

Just like the olives that I have still curing on my kitchen counter and taking up my valuable fermenting crocks, I prefer to find a grower that thinks like I do and pay the shipping on any items that I can’t find locally.  I’ll probably start my search with Chaffin Orchards where I got the olives but it may not end there.

I’ll report back over the course of the week on what I find.

For now, I’m jammin’.

2 Responses to Tigress Can Jam Challenge

  1. You should have a lot of fun participating in this challenge – and I know that I will have fun following what you come up with each month!

  2. It will be inspiring to read about what everyone else comes up with as well! And then this summer when we come visit you we’ll have lots of things to bring. :)

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