Chicken Little doesn’t like beets unless they’re pickled of course.  My favorite veggie juice is beets, carrots, apples and ginger and I’ve been making it for years.  He usually passes on it.  When I came home from the market Saturday with a 15 pound bag of juicing carrots and made some juice he tried a sip.  Then he asked for more so I showed him how to make it.


If only he could do this with the latte maker every morning…



In a moment of brilliance I added a splash of cream to the beet juice which resulted in a foot stomping tantrum when he found out we were out of beets. Even though he doesn’t like beets.

That got me thinking – what a great way to get more beet nutrients into your kids. Because of the cream you can’t even tell it’s beet juice. Why not put that in berry smoothies?

Or I’m actually planning some beet/yogurt fruit leather because I know preschooler would eat that if I told him it was strawberry and then added a little bit of jam so he could see some berries in it. We already do a fifty fifty smoothie (and sometimes popsicles) using carrot juice that they think is orange juice and no one’s the wiser there.

Did I mention I’m evil (finger to chin)? Flushed by my success with chocolate beet cupcakes, the evil experiments continue…

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  1. Adorable kiddos. That third photo is great. What a beautiful face!

    What brand is that juicer? Noisy? Easy to clean? I bought my first juicer 26 years ago which got some use the first few weeks but it was such a pain to clean. Years later I bought a second one which was a PITA also so I gave up.

    Re: the stuffed bread, your bread dough is perfect for that. Just roll as flat as for pizza rolls, top it with any leftovers you may have -e.g., chicken, potato or tuna salad- or try a more traditional filling: arugula or basil leaves, prosciutto, eggs, sun dried tomato, and cheese. Roll it up, paint it with a bit of cream and bake at 350F for 30 min.

  2. BWahahahahaha… (evil laughter to go with the finger on chin!).

    That beet juice moustache smile brings a grin to my face!

  3. OOohhh I love the half carrot juice idea for the smoothies! My son loves green juices (amzingly) but won’t touch the carrot juice.

  4. Mmmmm yummy beets!
    Can’t wait to see what you make for the CanJam!

  5. Auburn,
    I’m going to have to try that. For some reason the yeast doesn’t agree with me so I try to use a small amount. I’m going to start a desem soon which I did last winter but I was the only one who ate it so I didn’t keep it up. I’ll try to start it over the weekend when I have time to grind since it takes 5-10 #s of flour the starter nests in but you gradually work that flour into the starter over a period of several weeks until you’ve used it all up. I’m not fond of sourdough but I loved the desem.

    The juicer is just an omega juicer from Target which works just fine but it is indeed a PITA to clean out. I’ve always dreamt of getting a vitamix but can’t really justify it. Now if that was my back up grain grinder, on the other hand…

    KFG you’ve got the laugh down cold!

    Sara, try the 1/2 carrot juice! If you add a pinch of cinnamon it really throws them off track. I think I’m going to bust out my frozen pumpkin puree and make some pumpkin pie smoothie too. That’s another good one.

    Catalina, I’m really bummed I haven’t been able to find any Yuzu. It’s the only citrus that grows year round here since we do get below freezing but mine is too young yet. It’s hard for me to get excited about canning something that doesn’t grow here but I’m working on it. I guess I’d better buy some citrus soon, eh?

  6. my friend Aubry suggested I contact you regarding baking bread without wheat. I am cutting wheat out but not gluten. Can you replace wheat with spelt in recipes or do you need to make adjustments?

  7. Hi Jesica,

    I’m still working on 100% spelt bread. I made it but it wasn’t light and fluffy like my other bread. I can get it to work with 1/3 rye, 1/3 spelt & 1/3 hard wheat. My friend Charlotte who might read this makes 100% spelt sourdough bread though – she just realized this year her son is intolerant of wheat.

    Charlotte, how about another guest blog entry? :) ……..

  8. Annette, have you made bread with rice flour?

    Re: juicer, did some research the other night and learned that “masticating” juicers extract more juice, are quieter and easier to clean. Omega makes a really good one. It will be my husband’s b-day present (and his responsibility ).

  9. I love a good beet mustache! I’m making some beet carrot ginger juice today. Excellent stuff indeed. Btw, I would love to have seen a Yuzu recipe! Oh well..

  10. Auburn – I have not but let me know how that goes. It’s my understanding that rice flour doesn’t absorb liquid as well as wheat. It’s a great thing to dust your just rolled pasta with for that reason. I know lots of gluten free baking mixes use part rice flour though.

    Julia, I’ve not given up on yuzus yet but since their season is over it’s not likely that I’ll find any that haven’t been gassed or waxed which would preclude me from using the rind for anything. I’m really hoping next year to get at least one…I did get one cherry on my newly planted tree and one fig this year. :) But they were tasty. Other things I got one of – muskmelon and pie pumpkin. It sure makes you enjoy that one! We felt like Buster Keaton sitting down to savor the shoe. :p hoping someone else on here is old enough to know what I’m talking about.

  11. hey annette! how do i subscribe to your blog? i’ve clicked on rss and get a funky coded script of the post, but i’m not sure what to do with it. i’m new to feeds and readers!

  12. oh wait, i can subscribe by email! done and done.

  13. Hi Angela, maybe I didn’t add it righ although it was a widget. I still don’t get the whole rss feed thing. I just know when I find blogs I click on that and it takes me to a new screen where I can choose to add them to my google page. I find that so helpful – blogs that don’t have that option tend to fall off my radar quickly. Except for Kitsap FG whose website rocks my world. That’s the only one I remember to check that isn’t in my google page. Every time I’m thinking about the garden I wonder if she has already covered what I’m trying to figure out how to do and sure enough she has!

  14. Interesting… I’m also in the ‘anti-beet’ camp…. I’ve always disliked them, no matter how they’ve been prepared. They just don’t do it for me. I can’t eat dairy, but it might not be a bad idea to try to pop bits of beet juice into other dishes, like a veg stock or a braising liquid to see how the flavor changes….

  15. “Sitting down to savor the shoe.” Made me laugh! I know all about getting just a little and being happy for it. One day I’ll get a hazelnut from my ten very small bushes and I’ll do the very same thing! (old enough, yes!)

  16. Mangochild – no gluten OR dairy? Wow would things be different in my household! You might try the beet kvass – all the liver cleansing properties, enzymes, nutrients plus probiotics and it tastes a lot like mineral water.

    Julia, what kind of hazelnut bushes do you have? I plan to get 2 nut trees for the parking strip this spring but need to research almonds more first. I love hazelnuts but my kids won’t eat them, although they eat almonds and almond butter. I’m just not sure I would actually GET almonds even though my climate should be able to keep the trees alive. And what part of the country are you in?

  17. I’m going to have to try beet kvass, and one of these days I have to dig out my juicer.

    I’m lucky, my oldest son loves beets, especially pickled, but even roasted. My hubby can’t stand them pretty much any way.

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