Smashing “Fun”draisers & a New Giveaway

I’ve been busy baking for the Transitioning to a Resilient Seattle function and Goatfest 2010 – a fundraiser for our local Seattle Urban Farmers Coop which both happened over the weekend. I demonstrated chevre, made cajeta and goat’s milk soap, baked goat cheese pizzas with dried tomatoes from my 2009 garden and squash gingerbread muffins from my 2009 butternut squash. In short, it’s been business as usual at chez crazy minus the blog updates.

I loved meeting some of you that I hadn’t met at the garden tour as well! And if you wanted to come for a tour but couldn’t make it last time, I plan to have another one in mid June so you can see some garden progress and we can talk about winter gardening just as summer plantings are ramping up. I’m hoping I can show you how it is possible to find space for fall/winter/spring starts in your full to brimming beds before it’s too late for you to start slow to grow winter crops.

And finally in the midst of all my craziness (I find I’m at my most creative when crazy) I came up with yet another hair-brained scheme for a giveaway that I’m every bit as excited about as the child’s garden giveaway.

I’m giving away a pantry makeover! A What Not to Eat episode custom tailored for you and yours by me. Fun fun!

What Not to Eat—a Pantry Makeover

Go from plasticized processed to local, sustainable, nutritious real food!

  • Win a custom-tailored pantry make-over. I will come into your home* and work with you and your family to replace packaged and processed foods with suggestions and recipes for local, sustainable and highly nutritious real food options.
  • Lower your carbon footprint, increase your nutritional intake, reduce your grocery spend and support local farmers all at the same time.
  • Together we’ll work on replacements or substitutes for the foods you currently eat to make you lean and green.
  • The fine print:
    * within Seattle city limits, otherwise the pantry makeover will occur in a series of phone calls and emails

    To win the makeover simply reply in the comments to this post by midnight on Monday, May 10. On Tuesday, May 11 I will once again use to generate a random winner.

    Good luck!

    21 Responses to Smashing “Fun”draisers & a New Giveaway

    1. I get tired just reading about all the things you are doing! The pantry make over should be interesting – will you do a post about the recipient’s make over when it is done?

    2. Count me in! What a great idea. Who doesn’t need a pantry make-over??

    3. What a great idea! I live in small town eastern Washington & would love help finding sustainable resources on my side of the state!

    4. Ooh, what fun projects you’ve been up to!! I have to laugh, because most of our processed foods come from…my parents. Either it was “extra” at their house, or “But, your kids have never had a GRAHAM CRACKER??” And then a shopping bag shows up during their next visit :)

    5. This has been on my todo list for a while. Maybe this will help me get it done!

    6. This sounds fantastic! I have just stumbled upon your blog, and am about to begin a month-long local-eating experiment with a friend. I have already found your experiences very helpful, and would love some more!

    7. That sounds great! I’ve made great progress so far this year but I’m always up for more help!

    8. What an awesome idea for a giveaway. I love it!

      I have been reading your blog for quite a while. You have inspired me to finally start planting food in my own back yard, and although my efforts are small so far, I am thrilled to actually be doing it and not just thinking about it!

      As a vegan in Canada, I’m not sure how local I can be beyond vegetables and some summer fruits. It gets a bit harder when a large portion of your diet is dependent on grains and beans (and almonds for non-dairy milk). I haven’t been able to figure out how to make that work yet. Everything I’ve found regarding local food and the 100 mile diet seems to be focused solely on omnivores.

      I guess I’ll keep on searching … :-)

    9. Wow, maybe you can hire yourself out as a consultant. I’m often curious when I read ingredients in your blogs to know exactly where/how you got them. My schedule is bad for local farmers markets, so I’m a bit limited.

    10. Hi

      I noticed a comment on Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s blog about regarding curing your own meat.

      I thought I’d ask you a question here rather than there.

      We are on the GAPS diet and can’t have any sugar. We are getting a pig in a couple of months and I wanted to cure some bacon and ham.

      Is this easy to do? I know absolutely nothing about how to do it. Can you share some of your wisdom on how to do it and what smoker or curing machine you bought.

      Thank you so much!

    11. Hi Tina,

      Absolutely -if you click on curing meat in the nav bar it should take you there. I used maple syrup for the ham but I think on GAPS you can substitute honey, right? Or you don’t need it, you can do it without sweetener and just the salt and spices. Have fun with it! We have a Bradley smoker by the way but my friend Mike has an old school Weber and he did the ham post.

    12. I think this sounds so scary/exciting! Count me in. :)

    13. way cool! i wish i lived in the city limits( but only for this!) i always need more ideas and new places to go shop plus you are awesome!

    14. Can I enter this for a friend? I don’t have your drive but I am slowly transitioning my own pantry, but I know a couple of people who want to make changes but have no idea where to start – and therefor won’t do it.

    15. Lynn Tipping

      Please count me in ~ I am a long ways from living like you but any direction would be most welcome.

    16. Hi, I just found your blog yesterday when I googled yogurtmaking. I think your way of living is awesome. I have to say I have never met someone who doesn’t shop at grocery stores. I know a few “organic” people but thats about it. So I had a question: what were for your first steps when you decided to start living sustainably? I don’t even have a garden anymore! Well, or a house for that matter, haha. We had a house fire but should be back in our home by august, but that is too late to start a garden. So I figured this spring/summer/fall I will buy from local farmers (I live in WNY and we have tons of farms around here) and I would like to try my hand at canning come fall. I suppose I will just have to wait until next spring to really start trying to live sustainably.

    17. Gretchen O'Byrne

      I just found your site from the scratch and peck site. I am making a slower transition than you but am inspired and would be so excited to have a makeover!! Especially one that doesn’t include makeup and clothes I’ll never wear.

    18. Wow! I found you through Scratch & Peck’s website, via the West Seattle Blog (I live in WS)… love your blog and LOVE this idea for a giveaway.

      Either way, you’ve got a new regular reader. Cheers!


    19. Wow I think you would have your work cut out for you here at my place. I’m not in your neck of the woods but any advice would be great.

      Your my hero!


    20. Awesome! I would love to win.

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