Local Cheesemaking Classes

I have another amazing opportunity for you! Live in Seattle? Like cheese? The first class is tomorrow so pull out your calendars!

Washington Cheese Guild is offering cheesemaking classes to Seattle Farm Co-op members at a special discounted rate of $35 each.

There are two classes, one for beginners, and the other for intermediate cheesemakers.

Beginner Cheese Making Class – 6/9, 6:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M
Aged Cheese Making Class – 6/12, 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 A.M.

Place: Ravenna Ridge SPOT Farm in NE Seattle, exact address sent with registration.

Cost: $35 each

Size: 15 spots available at each class

To Register: Email: pav @ wacheese.com (remove spaces around `@’) to reserve your spot

The classes will be conducted by Pav, a local cheesemaker and science geek from Washington Cheese Guild. As a dairy goat owner and cheesemaker, Pav helps home cheesemakers and commercial dairies to produce better cheese by offering technical help, classes, personal consulting, and training.

The classes emphasize the artisan and scientific components of cheesemaking to help you understand the possibilities and become a better cheesemaker. If you’ve ever wanted to have the “why” questions answered, bring them to the class and be ready to learn.

The first class on 6/9 is geared for complete beginners. But it will also cover information helpful to more advanced cheesemakers. Some topics to be covered include:

• Overview of milk industry in WA state, including raw milk regulations.
• Fundamentals of dairy science
• Milk composition and quality
• Cheese styles and families
• Recipes and make steps for fresh cheeses you can make at home
• Technology of cultured milk products such as yogurt and buttermilk, lactic curd cheeses such as chevre, and basic fresh cheeses such as halloumi and ricotta.
• Chemistry and physics behind key cheesemaking dynamics for lactic and heat-lactic cheeses.

The second class on 6/12 is geared toward those with a little experience, but beginners are welcome. We will do a deep-dive session on making Tomme, which is a versatile, delicious cheese that’s tasty when young or aged. This class also covers mozzarella and other pasta filata cheese. Topics covered include the following:

• Milk composition
• Cheese ingredients and styles
• Cheesemaking steps and process for Tomme
• Troubleshooting issues
• Affinage options and requirements
• Chemistry and physics behind key cheesemaking dynamics
• History and tradition of Tomme and other Basque and Pyrenees cheeses
• Advanced dairy and cheese science concepts useful for more practiced cheesemakers

The classes consist of a combination of lessons, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. For the duration of the class, short lessons and Q&A sessions help to provide guidance and the framework for you to understand the various factors involved in cheesemaking, as well as the decisions you can make and how those decisions affect the final cheese.

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  1. Oh man, what a neat opportunity! Someday… :)

  2. I wish I lived in Seattle. This looks awesome!

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