Real Food on Vacation

We’re back!  Last week we drove down to Manzanita, OR and stayed in a little cabin on a bluff overlooking some of the most gorgeous stretches of beach and ocean in this country.  We make this pilgrimage annually and always stay at places with kitchens so we can bring food.  But because I want to take a break from cooking while we are on vacation I try to make salads that keep the better part of the week.

It’s so nice to open the fridge and have a bevy of healthy things to choose from just waiting for you!

The lineup:

Quinoa cherry salad with mint and cilantro from the garden.

Kale and chard salad with homecanned pickled peppers, green onions, green garlic, fennel, anise hyssop and parsley from the garden.

Black bean burgers, pre-mixed but not fried.

Spelt and white bean salad with Lentz spelt and carrots, peas, basil, parsley, garlic and onions from the garden.” The white beans were from Azure Standard in Oregon but I’m growing some this summer in my own garden.

Black bean dip made from black beans I bought from Rockridge Orchards country farm. The beans are from eastern Washington but I’m growing black beans in the garden this summer as well. I also used garlic, onions, cilantro and shiso from the garden and we topped it with some feta. I don’t have a recipe for this but it’s basically hummus with beans, chili, garlic, salt and olive oil in the food processor.

Buttered spring beets. I harvested the beet bed the day before we left and cooked 2 gallons of them.

I made caesar dressing and brought a huge bag of chard and kale down.

One night we barbecued some pork chops from our Akyla farms pig from last fall.

One night we barbecued hot dogs from Silvana Meats.

The other two nights we got pizza from Fultano’s which we ate for 2 nights.

The kids picked out 1 kind of chips, 1 kind of cookie and 1 kind of breakfast cereal each which they ate during the week. We also went in for ice cream nearly every day and made s’mores at night with our homemade graham crackers. I didn’t have time to make marshmallows beforehand like I did for Memorial Day so my husband bought a bag of Kraft ones.

Every day for lunch we took a picnic to the beach, complete with salads, Macrina Bakery baguettes, local cheeses and smoked salmon from Loki a the UW farmer’s market. I brought some pickled asparagus from our spring stash and some of the home cured olives along. We also splurged on a bag of apples from New Zealand and some lunch meat.

One thing I had forgotten about is how convenient breakfast cereal is! It let the kids get up before us and feed themselves so that we could catch up on some much deserved sleep. I have to admit the convenience of that is tempting but because of what’s in those boxes, and what is NOT in those boxes, breakfast cereal is still banned at home.

How about you? How do you eat real food on vacation?

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  1. We do similar things. After years of vacationing jammed into hotel rooms, we switched in the past few years. I love being able to eat more closely to how we eat at home. We don’t end up feeling awful halfway through the vacation. I also do the same thing, letting the kids pick cereals and the like that they don’t get at home. It’s a huge treat for everyone, but they’re still getting real food for the most part.

  2. You are really organized to have pre prepped those salads to take with you! We used to do vacations at Kalaloch in Washington which was much the same experience – cabin by the sea, grand beautiful views, and home like cabin so we could cook and relax.

    Thanks for the recipe ideas!

  3. You are just amazing. We haven’t been on vacation recently, but we just went through a series of home renovations. Actually, an insurance claim to repair some damages. The insurance company put us up in a motel and told us they would reimburse us for 70% of our bills eating out. We had some fun experiences eating food we wouldn’t normally have but it got old pretty fast. You do salads, I make soup. In the little kitchenette in the motel, I made pot after pot of soup. Towards the end of our forced renovation / exile, we started grilling in our own back yard because the kitchen in our house was still out of commission. I got pretty good at grilling vegetables, something I hadn’t done much of.

  4. Amazing and inspiring!

    How many hours a day do you spend cooking?

  5. Have really enjoyed discovering your blog and would love you to share one of your posts at my new Meme We Can Wednesday.

  6. We are headed out on a motorcycle trip soon, and no we won’t be able to bring any homemade food with us. We will eat out and enjoy it, trying our best to make good decisions on what we eat. Then it is back home to eat from our garden and homemade dinners.

  7. Very inspiring, Annette! Smart of you to do that ahead of time so you could spend less time in the kitchen.

    When we travel (not very often) I do similar things. Prepare cold cut meats, salads (grain and veggie), egg salad, canned salmon, bread/biscuits.

    For the breakfast, I usually make up muesli mixes with all the dry ingredients. At our destination, and the night before, I just add water and acid to soak overnight. This “cold” cereal ready to go in the morning and easy for all to serve themselves.

    I also have hard boiled eggs around for snacking and breakfast additions.

    Welcome back from vacation — sounds like a great time!

  8. And I thought I was doing well by taking my garden tomatoes to the horse show to make sandwiches with! (granted, they were delicious and I didn’t forget the Duke’s mayonnaise) This is inspiring, for sure.

  9. The Mom we are considering staying in a hotel next time so we have access to a pool. It was too cold and windy to even wade in the water this year!

    KFG I like Klaloch also. The bluffs make me nervous with my little crazy man though.

    LeAnn soups would have been more fitting given the weather! Maybe you can link from the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop to a soup recipe on your blog?

    Jessica it felt like I was in the kitchen all day that Sunday before we left but part of that was canning beats and harvesting things. I remember thinking I was crazy around 2 a.m.

    Greenearth, I will check it out! We are about to head to portland in the morning and then hoping to catch up next week again…I can hope, right?

    Sense of Home I love me some good road grub every now and then too – enjoy it!

    Wardeh the egg salad would have been good! I was trying to shy away from mayo based things since we were bringing things to the beach each day and after a bottle of wine you don’t always remember to put everything back in the cooler. How do you serve the canned salmon? I love making salmon dip for tiny toasts.

    Jill you ARE doing great! Of all the things to bring tomatoes would be at the top of my list. Sadly we just have a few early tomatoes ready this year. Good thing I had lots of eggs in the proverbial basket this year or we would long have gone hungry for veg!

  10. Were campers and I totally understand about taking your own food yet having to cook. I don’t mind a little cooking but most of the time I want a break. Your salads look great Thanks for sharing. Were headed to Yellowstone in a week and your ideas will help. Cynthia

  11. Cynthia have fun!

  12. We love to stay somewhere with a kitchen too. First of all, if you do, you can’t count food as an expense of the vacation, right? We just returned from a vacation with two other couples and we each took a night of cooking. The rule was that if you cooked, you didn’t clean. We had so much left over that the 4th night was….graze on your own night….We were able to eat plenty of vegetables this way and I actually lost weight on vacation. Ok….well, maybe that is because we played frisbee golf all over the mountain….but I like to think it was because we weren’t eating out. I do not make wise choices eating out.
    Anyway, I loved your salads! Need the recipes….so maybe you should post them. (or maybe you have and I just found you..ha) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. Susan I wish I could say I had lost weight! There was a whole lotta wine and cheese. Your trip sounds fun! The recipes are linked up in the entry above. Enjoy!

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