Simple Salmon Patties

Jared here. After Annette took the shot of tonight’s dinner she suggested that I write a guest post on how I created the Loki canned salmon patties.

The setup for tonight’s dinner is classic: I’m late coming home from work and Annette’s doing chores. Really she was making bubbles by pouring vinegar over baking soda on the bathroom tiles under the guise of cleaning. Of course I didn’t ask what’s for dinner – I asked how can I help. She said “salmon melts.” No prob.

But instead of a little mayo-mixed salmon with cheese under the broiler, I stepped it up to salmon patties. Since it’s later than I’ll admit I created the guy’s-fast-patty recipe. I actually appreciate the short-cuts I’m allowed to make when it’s just me whipping up dinner fast. Now when I agreed to post my recipe, I also told Annette to follow this with all the cool things I should’ve done, taking advantage of the EGP.*

Guy’s Fast Fish Patties:

  • - 2 cans Loki canned salmon, 7.5 oz
  • - few sprigs of parsley (some unknown variety next to the strawberries)
  • - shallots (since the chives already headed south for the winter)
  • - one egg
  • - olive oil

Heat up the skillet with oil. Chop the parsley and shallots, mix the first four ingredients with reckless abandon. A good patty needs the right amount of moisture so it sticks together. Since we don’t have bread crumbs in a can (oh the memories) and I have no interest in making some, I skip this step. Also, the Loki cans have pull tops, so there’s no fast way to drain the water out. The man trick is to squeeze the liquid from the ball of mixture before you make each fancy patty. I’m sure I lose something great here, but this is my dinner. Make four patties, squeeze excessively for brawn over brains, cook covered in skillet, about 4 minutes each side.

Once they’re cooking, run and ask the boss how she wants her patty served. When she heard “patty” instead of melt, she said, “oh great, place them over some lemon sorrel (yes, I looked up the spelling). “Umm, where in the garden is the sorrel…?” Fortunately she let me off the hook, paused her chore, and returned with the greens. Note this idea was brilliant because I forgot to add lemon juice in the recipe. Oh wait, we don’t have lemons in the EGP! If you have the means to grow lemon sorrel, I highly recommend it. You may never use lemon juice on seafood again.

Actually finding the sorrel in the garden, that’s another matter. Enjoy.

*EGP: Experience Garden Project

Instead of or in addition to parsley you could use tarragon, dill, sorrel (in the patty), lemon balm or lemon verbena, lemon or English thyme or savory.

5 Responses to Simple Salmon Patties

  1. Love it! I think squeezing them by hand is the thing that probably made them taste the best. LOL! Brilliant!

  2. I like that these are just made with salmon and no potato – they sound wonderful!

  3. Whoohoo, Mr. Sustainable Eats! Way to save the day! (evening)

  4. This sounds like something my husband would love. Hmm… maybe I could even get him to make them.


  5. This is definitely a husband can-do kinda meal. And if you can get him to catch the fish for you so much the better!

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