One Thing

If I ever convince you of one thing (aside from food activism) I hope it’s this: make this cheese.

And then put it on crostini paired with a salad.

And then pair it with caramelized onions, figs, and walnuts on a pizza with a glass of syrah.

I promise you’ll thank me.

7 Responses to One Thing

  1. Oh my! That really does look heavenly!

  2. Oh my word that looks absolutely divine!

  3. Looks delicious, where did you get those figs? I love figs!

  4. It’s in the works! I will let you know how it goes…not that it’s going to go badly of course :)


  5. El I’m so glad you are making it! The only thing I’ll change next time is make the wheels taller so that it doesn’t go gooey inside so fast. I love gooey but at 4 weeks the only thing holding it together is the rind. It’s so amazing!

    Thanks for your comments everyone else, wish you could taste it!

    Charlotte figs are from PCC since the elk took out all Wade’s this year. Time to sue the state to build that fence they promised him…we did get 1 off our tree. Next year I’m hoping for 2!

  6. Ah, but the gooey-inside-fast is a point of pride in many camembert circles…it’s kind of why those cheeses are taller than bries! I have had one served to me where the top was cut back and peeled, kind of like a lid…it was amazing. You should have seen us destroy it. This was in Brittany about 20 years ago, wow, still remember it!

  7. Cheese bowl – brilliant!

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