Community Owned Agriculture or BUST!

I’m here! But I’m still buried. By next week I should have an update for you on if I have an update. I’d like to tell you more but…well you know the line.

In the last week I’ve been frantically turning over stones to secure what would be the perfect initial Community Owned Agriculture property. It’s a bank-owned sale so we made an initial contingent offer but it’s so perfect that I’m trying to secure it by removing that contingency. The good news is I think I’ve found a way!

So no more details for now but suffice it to say I’ve been frantically trying to complete a year’s worth of business accounting neglected while I focused on the book in two days. When I say two days I really mean more like 48 hours of cajoling children to read one more book, complete one more puzzle and find one more crumb of food in the house because “Mama’s gonna buy you a goat to milk.”

I have big dreams people! And those of you who are interested in the COA project are apart of this one. So for now keep sending positive energy and prayers towards the COA and maybe this time next week I’ll be unveiling something.

12 Responses to Community Owned Agriculture or BUST!

  1. Go Annette! You are a force to be reckoned with!

  2. Annette – I am so impressed with your vision, hard work and determination. I have my fingers crossed for you!

  3. A woman with a dream is a powerful thing. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Hang in there, honey, you can do this! We’re all cheering for you (even those of use many states away).

  5. The Mom – I’m nothing compared to Pickle Man. The pickle doesn’t roll far from the barrel..
    Anna & KFG – thank you! I could use fingers, toes and eyes crossed right now.
    Laurie, thanks! Trying not to think too hard about it but I want to visualize! The not knowing is putting a serious damper on my gardening efforts.

  6. We won’t sing “Hush Little Baby” again without thinking of you and your “goat to milk.” Good luck!

  7. How large is this ideal lot?

  8. Linda it’s nearly 10 acres. We didn’t hear back today so should hear in the morning.

  9. I’m so excited! I’ve been researching more into designing and installing self-sustaining forest gardens for major food production. I’m stoked! Did you know that the highly productive chestnut is extremely high in carbohydrates and can be ground into flour for cooking?!?! I’m planning on feeding everyone in our group. :)

  10. Linda that is so awesome! I have a great book that lists all kinds of edible perennials I can’t wait to incorporate into our diets. I’m ready for more low-maintenance gardening!

  11. So excited to see this happen, hope you can share insights. I am in the beginning stages of starting a community owned farm in Santa Cruz. So far to go.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Mark do you have a blog? I’d love to follow how this works out for you! I have a few families who are coming out on a fairly regular basis but so far it’s been me spending all the money and getting the infrastructure set up. I really hope this pays off because wow can we not afford this and all the time it’s taking! But I feel like this summer once I am done getting the animal and fencing and soil and orchard work done and we are down to maintenance and harvests it will really pay off. Thanks for commenting!

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