2 1/2 Weeks

The last time I titled a post something like this, it was a countdown until the book was turned in. This time it’s for something even more life altering. In 2 1/2 weeks I’m leaving the city. It’s suddenly sinking in that there are only two more milk deliveries, 2 more Saturdays, and too few boxes between me and my farmette.

And while all the others who have gone before me seem to know this is the right thing to do and have the full support of their families, that’s not really the case for me. Leaving the city had never really occurred to me before, or my kids, or my husband. And while I’m crazy for farming, they are not. This could be a huge mistake, or it could be the most amazing opportunity ever.

Either way I’m glad I have so many families interesting in supporting me, in farming together and forging something new. I’m excited to be helping out those who aren’t able to make this leap, or have covenants that don’t support small livestock, or just aren’t able to do this without the support of others because they have small children.

My mind is still racing with possibilities for creating things those families can use: Vermicompost made from the synergy that is rabbits and chickens and food scraps and goat bedding, rotated in the orchard with the honey bees. Goats and blackberry and cedars and brush in the pasture. Ducks and pond and possibly fish and frogs inside the garden area. Pigs in a wooded area with an understory of nut trees. Children everywhere else (quite possibly camps for city kids) or specialized retreat/learning weekends. Hopefully one mini demonstration food forest, and polyculture plantings with perennial vegetables. So much to think about…

But for now I’m trying to focus on one purchase and one sale, one mortgage and one move, two birthdays and two boys who mustn’t feel lost in this whole process. So bear with me a little longer and hopefully I will find time and content soon to post.

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  1. Wow, you’re inspirational in going for your dreams. I don’t know how it could be a huge mistake, even if it’s hard and in the end it doesn’t end up for your family–STILL, you will have known that you went for it and did it without the wonder. Somehow I think it will be a big success.

  2. It will work out…trust me. From someone who used to live on a farm as a child to now living in the city as an adult….the farm life is better! It connects you to the earth more…think of all that nice clean air for your kiddies too. Get your hubby a riding lawnmover and he’ll love farming too!! Vroom, vroom!

  3. Thanks Reading – it’s the unknown job future for my husband I am most worried about. Good that we’ll be miles from able to spend money on anything impulsive but if he ends up taking a job in downtown Seattle I’ll be kicking myself.
    Ross that was a LOL comment. What would make him most happy is the excuse to get a truck. I am trying not to give him one though. I don’t plan to row-farm and I’m hoping to get setup as a drop point for local animal food so that I don’t have to drive to get feed. But we’ll see…

  4. What a big transition for you and your family! I know sometimes these events feel so daunting even as they can feel so right. And I’m a firm believer that when we make decisions that feel incontrovertibly right for us, they *are* right for everyone around us, despite the initial uncertainties. I’m also the only one in my family who feels this driven–compelled–to farm, to my own amazement as much as anyone else’s! But what can we do but follow the impulse and see where it leads? I wish you and your family so much joy and luck through the process, and I can’t wait to read about how it unfolds!

  5. ohhh, so wonderful to be able to do this! :) I look forward to reading about your farm stories, trials and joys. I wish you and your family much happiness as you follow your dream <3

  6. Toni I love this: when we make decisions that feel incontrovertibly right for us, they *are* right for everyone around us, despite the initial uncertainties.

    I hope it’s true! thanks for your comment!

    Jen thank you!! July is going to be even crazier than June and May, I’m sure. I really can’t wait for August!

  7. By my calculations, that would be about half-a-week ago, Annette. How are the country digs?

  8. Annette Cottrell

    Still digging out. Trying to get the electric fence installed to keep the flocks safe. Finally found my coffee cups yesterday. But I just keep thinking I wish you were coming back soon to come and stay! We walked the woods today and it’s breathtaking. It’s just indescribably beautiful but terribly overgrown. I will have a post with pictures (I hope for tomorrow night) since I’m trying to catch up on work still. Thanks for thinking of me – I’ve been thinking of you both too! And amazingly, I have a stellar internet connection. ;p

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