Roasted Asparagus – The Kind You DON’T Want

I was thrilled to inherit about 30 x 4′ combined beds established with asparagus, until I discovered they were completely infested with asparagus beetles. By the time I caught it the eggs had turned to larvae, which had turned to beetles (both spotted and striped), which had covered the plants in more eggs. I spent three days squishing frantically but the larvae kept munching and the eggs kept hatching.

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At that point the only thing left to do was cut them all down and burn them then tractor the chickens over the beds to try and catch any stragglers. I’m sure I’ll be dealing with them for years but next time I’ll be ready. What pests are plaguing your garden this year?

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  1. So I’m curious- does this totally destroy any hopes of an asparagus harvest next year or do you think the roots are okay? I’m sorry you had to deal with the darn beetles! That’s a shame!

  2. So frustrating! This is our second summer in this home, and last year we had deer and a groundhog. This summer we found two fawns IN the garden, and the groundhog had two babies. We’re not doing so well with the pest control :)

  3. Our pest problems this year have been rabbits and the normal onslaught of rainy PNW mutant slugs. The rabbits did a number on my strawberry patch in the early spring and although it has grown back in, it pretty much killed the harvest this year.

  4. Your poor asparagus!
    I’ve been battling squash bugs and cucumber beetles on my zucchini. I lost count on how many sets of eggs I’ve squished.

  5. beautiful beetles though!!!

  6. A cold wet spring and a wet early summer means lots more of ALL bugs for us here in Michigan. Ah well! Last year it was simply a cool year and we had no bugs at all. Every year is different, insect-pest wise…can’t say I would trade for groundhogs, deer or slugs, though!

  7. I know the feeling, all my beautiful abundant currants are infected with current saw fly. Every year they produce like mad, but I can’t seem to stay on top of those darn pests!! I think it’s time to rip those currents out and put something else in. At least the chickens will enjoy them. So sad, good luck to you!

  8. I’m so sorry, Annette, but I love that you called this post “Roasted Asparagus.” That is priceless!

  9. Yikes! I have those bugs on my brand new asparagus this year too!!! I didn’t know what they were! Squish patrol in the morning!

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