Nibbles and The Buns – The Sequel

After a summer away, the Buns are back. When we put the house on the market there was a little too much critter chaos so the Buns went to stay with a friend who had been wanting to start a backyard rabbit operation. He bred them and kept them all summer until the kits were weaned. Now he’s got a full crew of bunnies and we get ours back. Unfortunately he didn’t handle the bunnies on a regular basis like my five year old did so they’ve grown somewhat wild. Still soft but no longer cuddly. More prone to shredding skin. It’s probably not possible to reform bunnies this late in the game but Lander is trying his darndest.

Along with Nibbles and the Buns we got one kit from each litter to bring home. Some baby bunny cuteness, poorly photographed because the dumptruck of topsoil was backing down the drive.

In addition to getting the bunnies back we did some driving last week. Thursday to the WSU Avian lab to find out what was ailing the flock. It turns out some nondescript bacterial infection, like bronchitis. As much as I hate to do this I medicated the whole flock because they were simply passing it back and forth. Bummer. So now we are without eggs for two weeks but I know it’s not something like Newcastle’s disease, or avian flu.

On Friday we drove to Ellensburg to pick up two new goats that needed re-homing. Meet Valerian.

She’s a sweet, calm milker prone to putting a hoof in the bucket. I may be getting hobbles soon.

Meet Little Bells.

She may seem small but she’ll be ready to breed in November, which is when I will breed all three girls for April babes. Let’s hope for does!

In my spare time I’ve been shoveling out the gravel and now schlepping in the topsoil. Two yards down, eight to go. Next week the kittens arrive, hopefully manure and I’ll order the plant stock for the orchard. Stay tuned for continuing progress converting this place into a food oasis by fall.

8 Responses to Nibbles and The Buns – The Sequel

  1. Well that sure was a fun post – all those pictures of baby animals is sure to melt the heart. :D

    You sound up to your eyeballs in projects. I hope you are getting a moment to just breathe and enjoy the fine late summer we are getting. It won’t last long so enjoy it while you can. :D

  2. Cute! Are they Champagne d’Argent buns, Annette? And of course the goats are gorgeous too. I do recommend a hobble if you’re having issues: milking is hard work and who needs the hassle of a crabby goat? I think everyone will eventually adjust to the routine. Frankly it’s my quietest time of the day, no stress at all…mainly because the girls are so food-focused (and eager to dump their full udders, frankly; I only milk in the a.m., see.)

    Good luck wheelbarrowing. Actually it’s really rewarding work even though it seems boring at the time.

  3. Thanks Laura – I think I’ve heard you tell me that before. NEXT summer I’m going to relax in the hammock. :)

    El they are! The buck is Silver Fox (El Diablo) I’m ordering a hobble now. I’ve had enough and I’ll be gone next weekend and my husband is going to milk. I’m only sorry I won’t be here to watch! I love milking. It’s so calming to put your ear against the stomach and hear their ruminant noises. I’m so in love with my goats!

  4. I love reading what you’re up to, good luck converting your land into a food oasis by Fall! I look forward to reading all about it. :)

  5. This is going to sound like such a spammy comment, but I loved this cute little post and want to follow you — your RSS follow button isn’t working for me though! :(

    Love the goats — we’re in the market for our next little farm animal and a Nubian like yours is at the top of my list! Adorable. I miss having bunnies, too. They can be so sweet!

    • Emily, not spammy at all – they discontinued my blog template and I haven’t had time to switch to a new one since that involves remapping content. I’m hoping to focus on it soon and get things working again, easy to find and fun to look at. It’s such a mess right now!! Just like my house. :)

  6. Oh gosh I know how that goes — all the techie stuff of blogging drives me nuts!!

    Do you ever get spam comments like that by the way? “Excellent blog such perfect amazing info, blah blah, but gee — your RSS feed won’t allow me to subscribe! Won’t you help me??” Happens to me all the time. So I was cracking up when I actually had to leave a legit comment saying the same thing. Haha! :)

    • Emily, I do get a terrible amount but most of them need to be approved and I trash them. I suspect they are like little hooks from hackers all over your site. A few years ago I woke up one morning and my site was an Asian porn site which was quite a shock. There is something to be said for the wordpress hosted sites!

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