We Want You At Our Party on Sunday, October 23rd!

Dear Sustainable Eats Reader,

We want you at our book release party! You’ve followed Annette on her journey. Now it’s time to meet the whole food community! They’re great people, and over the years we’ve come to call many of them our friends. We’ve teamed up with the Seattle Farm Co-op and the brand-new organization Backyard Barter to create a party that stays true to our grassroots, and to your interests. Here are some of the things that will be going on at this amazing party:

  • BARTER. We’ll be bartering homemade goods with friends. Last year we had homebrew, honey, jams, pickles, chutneys, freshly ground flours, breads, knit octopi and squids (these proved quite popular), jewelry and much more. The only rule for the barter event is no money allowed! Backyard Barter will have some guidelines to keep the event organized. There’s even a special barter area for kids! Have them bring something homemade, a craft item, some dried fruit, some homemade candy (the kid with candy would be popular, for sure). Of course, they can participate in the adult barter too, but the organization Backyard Barter is exploring some fun ways to get kids hooked on bartering is too.
  • POTLUCK. Potluck, featuring homemade food! Food gives us an opportunity to talk about food with our friends. No time to cook? Barter for some homemade bread! Then all you need is a knife and cutting board!
  • SQUARE DANCE. Hosted by the Subversive Square Dance Society. Don’t worry, I don’t know how to square dance either. It’s been a long time since 8th grade P.E. But square dancing is hip again, and in Seattle it’s closely aligned with the urban farming movement thanks to musician and clogger Charmaine Slaven, one of the Co-op’s founders.
  • FUND RAISER. For devoted fans of the Seattle Farm Co-op (connecting backyard chicken owners with feed) , you can buy a lifetime membership for $50, which gets you discounts. For casual fans of the organization, there will be $10 bottomless pint glasses for sale – which you can then fill with free artisan beer from local breweries.
  • OFFICIAL BOOK RELEASE. And of course, we’ll be there with our new book, which the Co-op will be selling.

The party takes place in the beautiful top floor of the Phinney Neighborhood Center, Sunday evening October 23rd. The space is wonderful, with ancient hardwood floors and those tall, old schoolhouse windows. It’s a place that just makes you want to hang out and enjoy your friends, enjoying a pint and some good food while the kids wander around freely. This is not a fancy book launch in an expensive loft. This is a really good time with your food community, a community with staying power, united around a DIY ethic and a love of local food. If you want to do any of the things described in our book, there will be no shortage of people at this event who have done those very things! Most of them would love to chat with you. And we would love to connect with you too! Please come and introduce yourselves.

The party begins at 5:30. Entry is free, of course. Get there early as you won’t want to miss a minute!

2 Responses to We Want You At Our Party on Sunday, October 23rd!

  1. Oh man, wish I could be there!! :) Sounds amazing, I’m sure you guys will paint the town red! Congrats again :)

  2. Hi Josh –

    I am a small-scale organic farmer on the East coast. I am trying to introduce a barter fair idea to our local farming group, and was wondering if you have ideas about how to get one started, and how to deal with some of the logistical issues behind such an event. PLease advise. Thanks!

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