Portage Bay Grange – Your One Stop Urban Farm Shop

Have you been to Portage Bay Grange yet? I’ve been going in there since shortly after they opened, while the dust was still settling. Owner Kevin is fantastic – helpful, friendly, down to earth. A real urban farming kind of guy. Last Saturday Joshua and I were there signing books and making up some spelt waffles with local grains.

Kevin has an amazing assortment of stylish and functional urban chicken coops and runs.

He’s got chicken tractors and rabbit hutches.

Lacia was there with her urban mini La Manchas. She jokes whatever the occasion, she’s got a goat for it.

After you stroll past the coops and the feed and the goats you walk through this door. This amazing door.

Kevin’s got all the things any self-respecting urban farm store might have. He’s got feed and feeders and chickens. He’s even got cover crop seeds.

But what really made me weepy wasn’t so much the urban farming supplies. It wasn’t the stacks of our book he had scattered around the place. It was the fact that his lovely wife Elle had so taken the book to heart that she stocked up on all the supplies I call for in the section on personal products. She had essential oils and herbs.

She even had coconut oil, soap molds, baking soda and vinegar for cleaning and soap making. She had emulsifying blenders and lotion and salve supplies.

Now for Christmas wouldn’t you love to get some salve in a cute little tin like this one?

Perhaps this year you can give the gift of the twelve days of urban farm Christmas – complete with a partridge rock in an espaliered pear tree. Just tell Kevin I sent you.

5 Responses to Portage Bay Grange – Your One Stop Urban Farm Shop

  1. What do Justin Bieber, Harry Potter and the Urban Farm Handbook have in common? They are all listed in the Seattle Times Holiday Gift Guide today! PBG, you’re after my heart by carrying things listed in the UFH!

  2. What a great store! I wished I lived closer as I would certainly do some shopping there.

  3. I have looked at several chicken coop plans and I just love the one pictured on this page. Is there any way to obtain a copy of the plans for this coop?

    Looking to build a coop, nice open range area for chickens.

    Thank you, Dianne

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