Giveaway tonight

Window display at Secret Garden Books

If you’ve read our book, you’ll know that our food community means a lot to us. Now that the book is out, it’s been a great pleasure to find myself part of a community of writers, as well. A group of us Ballard authors (Ballard is a neighborhood in Seattle) have rallied around our last remaining independent bookstore and formed a collective. Our mission: to protect a beloved bookstore from the ravages of the economy, and to make friends and market our books as a group. We’re quite a mixed bag, being a self-selected group. But I’ve been surprised and delighted to discover the breadth of talent within this small neighborhood. Tonight, many of us authors will gather between 7 and 8 pm to sign books.

I’m giving away a free copy of The Urban Farm Handbook to promote this group and our adopted bookstore. A few other authors from the collective have offered to join this giveaway, so the size of the prize is growing! By the end of the evening, the prize may include enough books that you could complete all your holiday shopping in one move! To enter for a chance to win, stop by Secret Garden Books in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood between 7 and 8 pm tonight and say “hi.” If you buy a book written by ANY of the Ballard authors present at this evening’s event, your name gets entered twice! We’ll draw a name at 8 and if you’re not around, you can pick up the books at your leisure. A great way to support a local bookstore and meet a bunch of authors, all in one room.

5 Responses to Giveaway tonight

  1. Annette Cottrell

    How fun! I’m sorry I missed it but what a wonderful bookstore!

  2. Yours and Annette’s book is not only in my own bookshelf but is wrapped up and going to be making someone else happy ( I hope!) on Christmas day. We can support local food and local authors. How cool is that?!

  3. I would love to have been there, but the commute from North Carolina would have been a killer, lol! Keep up the good work!

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