Dark Days December 10, 2011

Here it is the second week of the Dark Days Challenge and I have yet to photograph a single meal. This week I made a huge pot of potato leek soup and we ate it for four days. Everyone else was starting to get sick of it but I could have eaten it for four more (also since that meant no new dishes and cooking!)

I used potatoes, leeks, carrots and celery from our Jubilee Farm box. One night I added some collard greens and another night I added Brussels sprouts, both from the farm box. I used a base of veggie broth and added a fair amount of goat milk from the girls to make it creamy, then I added a lot of Beechers aged cheddar.

I don’t have a photo or recipe for this simple soup but in case you haven’t noticed the countdown to Christmas is on. Are you done shopping or making your presents?

3 Responses to Dark Days December 10, 2011

  1. Hi Annette! We have had a lot of soup this week, too! Sunday, I picked up some savoy cabbage at the farmer’s market, and I am going to make some cabbage rolls, though rice isn’t local. I also want to make some sourkraut … I’ve made some refrigerator pickles that are OK, not great. Do you have a good kraut recipe I can try?

  2. Hi Grace – I’ve been thinking about making cabbage rolls too! You can find rice from OR instead of CA but at some point you have to question how crazy and expensive things should be. We just eat less rice now but I buy Lundberg from CA. There is a kraut recipe in the book!!

  3. Duh! Of course! Thanks! We’re having chili tonight, which is hard to be local because of the dried chilis and cocoa, but the beer is from a friend, the meat local, and the oregano from the yard.

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