Ruminations on Ruminants

Hide and Seek from Mary

For a farm named after goats, I don’t post very many goat pictures.  In part that’s because it’s nearly impossible to take pictures of goats.  If you’ve have children you’ll notice you have lots of pictures up until the time they start crawling and then suddenly they start trying to take the camera out of your hands so you stop taking pictures for awhile.  It’s like that with goats.  As soon as you get the camera out, they all want to taste it.

That adorable expression they were sporting seconds before the camera appeared?  Gone.  I seriously need to work on my goat photographing skills before the kids come.


And then there are those goats that just don’t look cute at first glance.

Little Bells

But they quietly follow you around, strategically getting in your way and gazing stoically with big, soulful eyes until you have to stop mucking and pet them.   When you stoop to refill a water bucket they take advantage of your position and suddenly there is a warm, fuzzy nose on your shoulder.  They are happy to sit and nuzzle as long as you have time, or until the moment is broken by a loud, alfalfa smelling belch.

King of the Stump

I know some goats are pushy and stand offish.  I don’t own those goats.  My goal here is to breed heart melting bundles of backyard milk.  My plan was to get one pair of goats yet suddenly, just a few months after moving here, I accidentally have five bred does.

Bessie's Mira, 2011

That means ten to fifteen babies coming this spring.  I have no idea how much milk I’m in for but I’m guessing a lot since one goat provides us enough milk to drink.  I see a whole lot of cheese in my future.

Pav's "Annette" Cheese


5 Responses to Ruminations on Ruminants

  1. We’re due in April (my 3 girls). I’d love to just sit for an hour amid all the cute kids you’re going to have.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Melany you have three goats bred?!! Wow that’s a lot of kids. :) You are going to have your hands full! I thought of that as I was out working in the orchard yesterday. It didn’t fully sink in when I read your comment.

  2. Annette Cottrell

    Melany, I imagine it’s going to be like sitting in a field of flowers. Wiggly, warm flowers.

  3. I am sorry, ANY of those faces and antics are adorable!! I so want to raise some goats but we are rural enough to not have someone who can easily look after them when we are gone so it will have to wait. Chickens stretch the talents of most here :-)
    Anyone who wants to move to AK, farm and be involved with goats…just holler and we will talk!!
    So for now I get to live through others work, like yours!! Hope they are all healthy births with plenty of milk and no complictions!!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Victoria I’m not going to lie to you. They are drop dead adorable. They are totally worth forfeiting vacations. Thanks for your kind birthing thoughts!

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