Urban Farm Handbook February Challenge Kickoff

This is it people! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this challenge! Your enthusiasm is inspiring and wow do I have some amazing hosts signing up as we speak. Willi Galloway and Jessi Bloom have signed on, as have Langdon Cook and Tovar Cerulli. We’ve got some fun prizes lined up but what we are most excited about is seeing this excitement for change.

Yes, yes, urban farming is about vegetables and chickens and putting up but what it’s really about is changing the food stream. It’s about a hunger to connect with what you eat, and what you feed to those you love. It’s about being mindful of the impact you have on this life, both on and off the farm.

We know that not every monthly challenge will work for you but we are hoping that enough of these opportunities for change will speak to you, so that you embrace them wholeheartedly not just for the upcoming year, but for always. Let’s make this the year that food companies finally sit up and take notice that we don’t want to eat what they are serving any longer. We’ll grow, source, and prepare it ourselves thank you very much.

One more thing about these challenges – there are multiple challenges each month. Some are simple and some are…well, more challenging. We want you to try new things but we also want them to be achievable. We don’t expect that everyone will do everything. But if you do we’ll be tickled green.

Without further ado, the next blog post on this blog will be Joshua McNichols, kicking off SOIL BUILDING! If anyone can make soil sexy, it’s Joshua.

3 Responses to Urban Farm Handbook February Challenge Kickoff

  1. Annette Cottrell

    Mellow, did you sign up on the buttons page? If you click on the handbook logo it will take you to the “how it works page” which leads you to the sign up page (the button page.) Good luck!!

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