Soil Building Podcast

Do you want to learn more about soil building while you’re gardening?  If so, you might enjoy a little podcast I produce for Seattle Tilth’s Master Composter / Soil Builder Program. I know, the program name feels like marbles in the mouth, but the podcast keeps things simple when it comes to improving your garden soil.

Seattle Tilth Master Composter Class

Here’s a link to the podcast, where you can preview the series or subscribe:


One Response to Soil Building Podcast

  1. Will have to get to a stronger signal and download it for viewing. I did manage to get worms this week while I was in the ‘big city’. Usually I am too early, when it is cold, or too late, again when it is too cold. We overall can’t get anyone to send them to us up here in AK so I look on it as a huge find.
    Now to start a compost for them and some worm tunnels this summer.!! Moving slowly towards better soil!

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