More Home Dairy Challenges

Last week Andrew from Eating Rules shared his soft lemon cheese and Jenni from the Goat Justice League shared her version of the Quillasascut Farm School’s mozzarella. Now what?

Well you may be game for making super easy chevre (the cow’s milk version is equally good) or cajeta (that’s dulce de leche if you have cow’s milk.) You could put your cajeta into homemade chocolate, or snickerdoodle ice cream. You might even make pudding

What? You want something harder? Something like a pressed tomme or maybe something gooey and bloomy like Pav’s Annette cheese?

I’ll leave you to mull these options over. I know I promised you this week would be yogurt and buttermilk and kefir but we’ll tackle those next week. For now happy ice cream and pudding and cajeta and all things bloomy.

4 Responses to More Home Dairy Challenges

  1. I just finish my cheese now there is more to make! YUM look at all those desserts I am so gaining 5 pounds this month LOL. going to attempt dulce le leche, pudding and ice cream.

  2. We love home made yogurt and kefir ’round here- and they are SO easy to make! :) Did mozzarella once, should try it again (it turned out good, we just have access to some great mozzarella so didn’t figure I needed to keep it .) :) We do home made cottage and cream cheese as well. Home made ghee and butter are favorites in our fridge. :) I love this challenge! :) thanks for starting this!

  3. Annette,

    I would like to ask a question that is not related to this post… unless you are making lemon cheese… I’m fighting a cold and made myself some tea with candied ginger, lime, honey, and cinnamon. I noticed that after a while the rind on the lime slices had turned yellow. This makes me wondering lemons are being dyed to look like limes? Any thought?

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