On Patience and Gratitude

Wherein the patience is all yours and the gratitude is all mine. I know I’ve been promising you buttermilk, kefir and yogurt for weeks now but I must beg your forgiveness. In late January my husband went on a business trip, returned home and promptly headed to bed. He stayed there for a week with flu and fever. The following week my youngest son came down with it – only this time it was the stomach flu. That lasted a week and then my oldest son came down with it – no stomach ailments but hacking cough. Both boys slept fitfully, waking with hallucinations that took me forever to bring them back out of. And now, I have finally succumbed to that dastardly flu.

The fact that I was up all hours listening to whooping coughs and calming frightened minds down, and spend two to three hours outside in the elements each day doing farm chores has not helped at all. The fact that March came in like a lion (my weather notes from last week read Monday – snow, Tuesday – snow, Wednesday – sleet, Thursday – driving rain, Friday – hail, Saturday – snow, Sunday – snow) has not helped at all. The fact that everyone is as sick as can be of chicken soup, now that I finally need some, has not helped at all. I am gradually getting better and kefir and yogurt are on their way soon, I promise.

In fact, I have a special guest who will be doing the honors and I’ll send you her way quite soon. But for now I wanted to raise a white flag to let you know that I am here, and that very, very soon we will get back on with home dairy challenges.

Until then, think cheesy thoughts and don’t forget to return to this blog at month’s end (when I’m quite certain that March will go out like a lamb) and link up all that you’ve done. I really do have some wonderful prizes in store for you!

11 Responses to On Patience and Gratitude

  1. Oh I am sorry that the whole family has been poorly. I hope you are all on the mend now. I have enjoyed the cheese challenge and looking forward to more. Take care and hope you find some spring sunshine to bask in.

  2. Here’s to health. I do hope that spring dries up your weather, and your family starts to feel better. It’s hard enough trying to be a mother when your kids are sick, even worse when you’re sick too. I hope you all start to feel better soon. I have enjoyed the extra time to work out some cheese making!
    Take care,

  3. I am SOO SOO SOO sorry! We have been dealing with illness this month also, but nothing like your poor family. Sending your family healing angels to watch over you and help you to a quick recovery!

    Here’s to March going out like a lamb…. please.

  4. It’s hard when the whole family gets it. I hope you are well on the way to recovering, and that you have a bountious and healthier spring. I already am in awe of your powers, but getting a family through illness on a farm is a truly monumental task.

  5. You poor dear. :( Such a good caregiver to everyone, and I am sure you could use some TLC now too. Sending you a cyber hug, a cup of herbal tea with honey, and blanket of warm wishes that you feel better soon.

  6. Have been there, done that and totally feel your pain and frustration. Hang in there and soon the sun will shine again. Wishing you were closer so I could drop off some soothing broth….

  7. I hope you are better very soon! Our family had something like that as well this month and it really knocked us out for a couple of weeks. We are so happy to be finally feeling better!

  8. WOW – I hope you and yours are back to normal soon. Take care and get some rest!

  9. Wow, sorry you and your family have been going through so much. Get some rest and feel better soon!

  10. Wow, I’m just catching up on your blog…sorry everyone was so sick! Our baby caught the fever variation of the illness (scary!) and the preschooler caught the cough version. Husband came down with the “oh my gosh, EVERYTHING HURTS” version this week (which I think I had last week, but I’m Mom….I don’t have the luxury of staying on the couch ;) Happy Spring Flu season!!!! :) How’s the garden this year? Better??

    • Annette Cottrell

      Myrnie I’ve been wondering how you are!! Doesn’t it just stink that mom never gets the same treatment? I’m just getting the garden planted out because it is finally finished! It’s taken me all winter. I’ve been so busy doing it that I haven’t been able to blog about it and the weather has not been exactly conducive to taking pictures. I’m hoping to do a massive catchup post and roll everything out next week. How is YOUR garden? :) xo!

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