Cultured Milk Challenge

And now, the cultured milk challenge!

Jenny from Nourished Kitchen has got the challenge you’ve been waiting for, all things cultured.

So skip on over to Jenny’s site and read all about it. If you follow the links in her post you’ll find out about other milk cultures you can fit into your urban farming lifestyle.

Remember to come back to this blog next week and add to the comments or link up on the round-up post so that you can be eligible to win prizes! Now get thee some culture!

2 Responses to Cultured Milk Challenge

  1. Anyone from the Seattle area know where to get/share a matsoni starter? I have a smoothie-need in the house, so we’ll be making our own yogurt soon!

  2. I made yogurt this month, and continue to do so as it tastes so much better than store bought. My son (age 12) made the lemon cheese and mozzarella – he loves it. I should thank you for getting him interested in healthy eating as well.

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