April Gardening Challenge Round 1: Seed Starting

We’ve just past the vernal equinox and wow what a difference in the weather! Not two weeks ago I readied the garden during an entire week of snow, hail, sleet, and driving rain. Now? The days are longer, weather milder and the worms are going to town! The earth wants you to garden. I want you to garden. Do you want to garden?


Perfect! Let’s garden! The first stop on your gardening challenge tour is with Erica of NWEdible.com She’s got a great challenge for you.

Later this week I’ll be part of a virtual book tour for Jessi Bloom with a chance to win a copy of her book, Free Range Chicken Gardens before the month is out, then check back here next week because I’ve got other hosts (including Jessi) lined up and the challenges will come a little faster as the month progresses.

Colin McCrate with The Seattle Urban Farm Company and co-author of Food Grown Right, in Your Own Back Yard has a container garden challenge for you. I just got my hands on his book and people, it’s a must have. I only wish there was a book like this when I was just starting out trying to grow all my own food. I will do a review of this book this month as well.

Graham Kerr has a personal garden challenge for you, along with other co-hosts who will be joining in throughout the month.


This is going to be a fun-packed month with something for everyone that has enough space for an herb pot in a kitchen window. At the end of the month, remember to come back to this blog and link up what you’ve done for a chance to win some GREAT gardening prizes: a V Garden, a vegetable start subscription from Cascadian Edible Landscapes, a copy of The Urban Farm Handbook, a copy of Free Range Chicken Gardens, a copy of Food Grown Right, in Your Own Back Yard, a copy of Growing at the Speed of Life, a children’s chocolate garden from Chocolate Flower Farm, an original garden broom and more!

Are you still here?  Get on over to Erica’s yard and get growing!

8 Responses to April Gardening Challenge Round 1: Seed Starting

  1. this is such fun! Thank you so much for organizing the challenge, and this month looks amazing!

  2. Looking forward to this month’s challenge, we are having a great time with it. Heading over to get started!

  3. Annette Cottrell

    Thank you! It’s been fun on this end too. I promise I’ll start blogging more once I get my own garden going!

  4. Oh this is going to be fun! Me and my husband readied our garden plot yesterday, as well as some tires with dirt for our potato plants. Things have come to a screeching stop since a cold front and pouring rain moved though last night though. :( A BIG change from being in the 80′s! Cant wait to get started on this months challenge. It’s my first garden, so I can use all the help I can get.

  5. Thanks for the tips for pest control. Slugs and voles have already damaged my spring garden.Great tips on everything.

  6. Sounds like fun! My seeds are started!

  7. Annette,
    I just wanted to let you know that my gloves arrived in the mail this morning. They are so lovely I am not sure I want to get them dirty (just kidding) They sent me both the bamboo gloves and the work gloves so I gave them a shout out with a link from my blog post today. http://africanaussie.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/how-does-your-veggie-garden-grow.html
    thank you so much! this is such fun!
    Africanaussie (Gillian)

  8. I have done my monthly post here http://africanaussie.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/urban-farm-challenge-april-2012.html
    thanks for all the great prizes you are offering and all the work you have put into this challenge.

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