New Babies, or Kids with Kids

Monday Bells gave birth to two little twin bucklings. Here they are drying off and warming up in the cool evening air.

Kids with kids. Need I say more?

You’re next, Auntie Val!

13 Responses to New Babies, or Kids with Kids

  1. I wish you doelings! And more easy births. Have fun.

  2. Warning! You have exceeded your cute factor with this post.
    Love it! Congratulations all around!

  3. Awwww This is to cute. Congrats!

  4. Oh the cuteness–forget chickens, I want a goat!

  5. Congratulations! What priceless pictures you have captured of all your kids

  6. Awww…. Great pics!!

  7. The colors on your bucklings are beautiful. Black with white spots.

  8. Oh my! I adore them! so lovely!

  9. *So* looking forward to our 4H visit next month! My neighbor is getting goats, so I get friends-with-benefits. I’ll be learning goat-care to be backup goat-wrangler when she goes on vacation.

  10. Love the pictures of the kids with kids! They are all darling (human and goat). Momma goat and Auntie Val are pretty awesome looking ladies too.

  11. We’re thinking about breeding our Kinder goat Jazzie this fall. It would be our first time with a pregnant goat, baby kids, and milking. I’ll definitely be looking to you for advice!

  12. So what do you do with Bucks? Sell… Keep… Eat?

  13. Annette Cottrell

    Waggie I’ll try and sell the ones that I can and then, yes. I learned my lesson with a cute wether last year. He drank all the milk. Bucks don’t want to wean, just like boy human babies. As long as the mama will allow they will drink all your milk. Unfortunately I’ve got some pretty tolerant goats who not only continue to nurse their own long after they need to, but will nurse the others too. So this time they all go away at 8 weeks.

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