May UFH Foraging Challenge Round 2: Morel Mushrooms.

Have you seen Hank’s website, Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook yet? It’s fantastic, and has been a source of inspiration and personal challenge to me in the three years since I first found it one night in someone’s blog reader list. I knew when I read about curing olives that I had to try my own hand at it. And while I had to buy my olives whereas Hank, who lives in California, managed to forage for his, the thrill of preparing something as mysterious as a cured olive hooked me.

Hank’s site is populated with fantastic recipes from small game like rabbit and squirrel to venison, seafood and pheasant. He’s got vegetarian recipes, acorn recipes, fern recipes and camas bulb recipes. Hank is a creative chef with an eclectic pallet and the photographs are gorgeous. Expect to get lost on his site for days. And while you are there lost on his site, be sure to check out his book, Hunt, Gather, Cook – Finding the Forgotten Feast which is equally fantastic.

Right now Hank has the next foraging challenge for you – and if you find that one doesn’t work, feel free to peruse his site and come up with your own foraging challenge. So trek on over to Hank’s site and get hunting!

3 Responses to May UFH Foraging Challenge Round 2: Morel Mushrooms.

  1. I just posted about mushrooms today. I need help figuring out what is growing in my gardening beds.

  2. I have had all kinds of mushrooms in my yard but so far no morels (that I recognized anyway). I’ve always planned to go foraging for them but it’s something I never seem to get to.

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