May Foraging Challenge – Show us Your Stuff

Here it is the end of May already, a complete surprise to me yet again. I swear I’m going to totally be on top of this next month! But by then I won’t still be kidding, disbudding, wethering and selling goats. I’ll just be milking and cheesemaking, the second orchard will be planted and the garden will be fending for itself. :)

This month we’ve had some awesome challenges from me Hank Shaw of Hunter, Angler, Gardener, Cook, Langdon Cook of Fat of the Land and my dear friend Joshua McNichols.

We’ve got some awesome prizes yet again: Hank Shaw’s new book, Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast and Langdon Cook’s book Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager and Jennifer Hahn’s book Pacific Feast: A Cook’s Guide to West Coast Foraging and Cuisine. And for those of you who can’t get away ever I’ve even got mushroom plugs for you to innoculate in your own yard.

Now is the time for you to tell us what you did for your May challenge.



If you have a blog, please use the Mr. Linky tool to link to your blog entry showing us what you did this month. If you don’t have a blog, that’s ok. Simply leave a comment on this blog entry by midnight on Sunday, June 10 and tell us what you did. Doing either thing will put you in the running for these fabulous prizes but despite that the linky tells you to also leave a comment, please only do one or the other. In order to keep the prize drawings truly random I have to look at the time stamps on both comments and linkups which is simplified if you only enter once. After linking or commenting, come back to THIS post on Monday, June 11 and check the comments to see if you won.

I hope you’ll visit the other sites and meet other like-minded urban farmers – I’m looking forward to checking out everything you’ve done myself!

16 Responses to May Foraging Challenge – Show us Your Stuff

  1. Evonne Burris

    ack… what was the may challange, i have 34 minute left in may.. i can do this!! just found your blog and i think i’ll be adding it to my google home page… maybe i can catch the next giveaway…. i want mushroom plugs… :o )

  2. Foraging isn’t something I know much about and May ended up being so full of regular gardening and projects that I didn’t have a lot of time. I read the links you posted here and did learn some things from you. At some point I really do want to learn more about it. Sooooo, with that in mind, May was full of more gardening. I put in a couple more new raised beds made from reclaimed wood, continued planting vegetables, and planted a small hummingbird garden in a new spot. I’m ecstatic that next spring I will be able to just prepare soil and plant instead of stressing on getting gardens built in time to plant!!! I built a large set of trellises for my beans and peas out of willow branches from a tree my parents had to cut down. I’ve always wanted to build something out of willow branches and am excited to finally have had the chance. I also took my leftover seeds and plants and was able to provide and plant a full garden for a friend who has never had a garden before. I will be visiting her garden periodically to help her learn how to identify weeds, learn when to harvest, etc. It’s been an extremely busy month but I’m happy with all of the progress we made.

  3. Kaitlin Jenkins

    My husband and I have started to encorporate dandelions into our lifestyle this year. We’ve eaten the greens in salads mixed with greens from our garden, and we actually use the roots and leaves for various applications with our pets too!

  4. WOW this was a hard month challenge for me. I realized how far removed I really am with nature.

    #1 Humble Superfood – Dandelions – I ate a dandelion leaf for the first time this month. It was nice. I actually enjoyed the flavor of them. I added them to salads as well as on sandwiches. I didn’t do a stir fry of them, but that’s because our yard didn’t have tons of them and our neighbors all use chemicals (whose yards are FULL of them).

    #2 Morel Mushrooms – I looked, but didn’t see any… However I didn’t go on a trip. I just looked in the forest behind my house.

    #3 Forage for Dinner – I was all excited to harvest fiddleheads or jewel weed. I did lots of research and then while out looking in the “field” I got worried about picking the wrong thing so I didn’t harvest. All the ferns look so similar. However, we did take a family trip to Potlatch and dug for clams and had a yummy clam bake in the park.

    #4 Something for Dessert – I LOVE salmon berries. We have them growing around our property. I never thought about adding sugar to them though. We will have to give that one a go this weekend.

    While I didn’t do as much on this months challenge as I did in past months I still feel that I learned a great deal. I’m finding that I’m starting to be able to recognize some plants like I found LOTS of huckleberry bushes that I can come back to later this season for berries. This subject is something I’ve wanted to learn about for some time now so I appreciate the challenge. Can’t wait to see the winning results and I’m eager for the June challenges!

  5. I LOVE foraging. Maybe it is because I am super-thrifty (read:cheap) and love getting free food. Or because I love being outside and this gives me a great excuse to roam. Or I feel more in touch with the natural world. Or finding like-minded friends and colleagues you’d never expect to be whipping up dandelion jelly. Or that I delight in making my neighbors wonder what that crazy American woman is up to now. My family back home is certainly wondering what’s gotten into me! (And I should note that I writing this to the hum of the dehydrator drying elderflowers for tea.)

    Thanks for the challenge – I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Karen you won a copy of Pacific Feast! email me at annette cottrell at yahoo all one word with your address and I’ll get it off to you. Nice job on the foraging challenge!

  6. We made (and ate) dandelion garlic greens, dandelion flower waffles, and nettle sunflower seed pesto. the waffles were yummy, the pesto was amazing.. the greens not so great. This month got really busy and i didn’t make much time to do as much foraging as i wanted.

  7. I had so much fun with this challenge!

    #1 Humble Superfood – My daughter and I spent a day picking dandelions and I made dandelion jelly! It almost tastes like honey. I added a few leaves to my salad, but did not care for it much.
    #2 Morel Mushrooms a friend and I went mushroom hunting with a local mushroom group but came back empty handed
    #3 Something for Dinner. Chickweed and onion grass found their way into my salad
    #4 Something for dessert – Not really dessert but I made Wild Violet Jelly. What a unique taste I put it on ice cream and it was really good. I will make this every spring.

  8. I worked on the first challenge and ate dandelion greens in salad. I was surprised at how good they really are. I will be foraging berries later in the summer when they are around in my area. I can’t wait to make some jam and eat berries for breakfast!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Maggie you won a copy of Langdon’s book Fat of the Lamb – email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and I’ll get it off to you! And enjoy your jam and berries for breakfast this summer!

  9. Got out only once in the woods and found a handful or ripe salmon berries to nibble on with the kids. Mostly had some wonderful barbecued trout dinners from our spring fishing adventures.

  10. This was my first real foraging experience so I wasn’t very imaginative! Unfortunately May escaped me before I could try any other foraging challenge. Enjoying seeing what others came up with here!

  11. O.K So we only managed to make our dandelion extract for liver function and identify wild edibles in our town…and I have no pics. arg. arg. and double arg.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Andi for all your args you won a copy of Hank Shaw’s book – email me at annette cottrell at yahoo all one word and I’ll get it off to you. Congrats!

  12. Annette Cottrell

    Thanks for playing along this month, everyone! I know this one was a bit of a stretch so I really appreciate all the effort you put into it. :)

  13. Annette,
    Thank you so much, I just sent you an email!
    HOW Exciting!

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