June UFH Botanical Challenge Round 2: Herbal Infusions

Ready for round two? If you haven’t gotten around to trying your hand at hydrosols yet there is plenty of time but for now Laurie over at Common Sense Homesteading has solidly laid out a tutorial on the many ways to infuse natural oils inherent in plant matter, for flavor or healing or scent.

This month we have some wonderful prizes, including an herbal book Laurie is giving away on her blog post so don’t forget to take her challenge and reply directly on her infusing herbs blog post.

I have some other fantastic prizes for you as well and more to come, still in the works. For now I can tease you with:

  • A garden balm hand treatment from Nichols Garden Nursery (my absolute favorite seed and gardening house),
  • A copy of Basic Herb Cookery by Rose Marie Nichols McGee and N.P. McGee from Nichols Garden Nursery,
  • A culinary herb poster from Nichols Garden Nursery,
  • Four ounces of dried rosemary, four ounces of dried lavender, and four ounces of dried calendula for infusing or cooking, from Mountain Rose Herbs (my favorite place to find supplies for making infusions.)

If you haven’t visited Nichols Garden Nursery or Mountain Rose Herbs yet – head on over after checking out Laurie’s how-to. Laurie’s blog is an amazing resource of how-to make, do and heal. Please spend time checking out her past archive of information.

In addition, Mountain Rose Herbs has a blog chock full of all things healing. It’s packed full of two years worth of information, recipes and how-to for all your herbal needs.

So now jump on over to Common Sense Homesteading and see what challenge Laurie has in store for you and head back here again next week for the next round of botanical challenges.

3 Responses to June UFH Botanical Challenge Round 2: Herbal Infusions

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  2. Oh, I recently tried making comfrey ointment – what fun – http://africanaussie.blogspot.com.au/2012/04/rainy-day-makes-way-for-experiments-in.html this looks as though it will be a great month. I might try plantain ointment next.

  3. Just finished up some calendula infused oil too! Awesome stuff!

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