June UFH Challenge Round 4: Everything Else

Here it is the end of June and I’ve gone missing. Where am I? Out in the goat barn milking or inside making cheese, weeding the garden or inside making cheese, chasing the gazillion chicks that keep escaping from their aerial-predator proof run or inside making cheese. Or I might be inside making cheese.

I never even posted pictures of Mary and her baby Flip, or Mona and her babies Rose and BT (though I will.) I never shared with you that Bessie was so quiet I was sure she was bred and in fact watched the coupling happen at least three times but it turns out that she was just big because I fed her like she was pregnant all winter. I never shared with you that I took Val and her doelings up to the miniature dairy goat show two weeks ago and Val and the babies won heaps of ribbons, and one of Val’s was best of breed. And then the babies went to new homes and I grieved with Val for a day and then she moved on, only it took me three days to move on I missed them so much. I think I have a case of empty barn syndrome. But the cheese is helping me get over it.

And now here it is nearly the end of June and I want you to think about making herbal concoctions not just to drink with spirits – but to ease troublesome coughs and support your immune system. I want you to think about making super simple lotions from Laurie’s infused oils. And I want you to think about drying some flowers and berry leaves from your own garden and making teas with them, or think of planting a Sochi tea plant if you like green and black tea.

I know this last one is a curve ball coming at you fast in the bottom of the ninth inning but I want you to take a big swing at it and give it your all. If the hydrosol challenge was too much for you then try making lotion. If that’s too much then just use your infused oil directly on dry skin. And if that’s too much then buy some quality essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs and make your own house cleaners and personal care products.

Surely there is something this month that speaks to you, if even just infusing the milk for your homemade chocolate mint ice cream with real garden mint.

Tune back in for the next post, which will be the roundup to see all that you’ve been brave enough to try, and to throw your hat in the ring to win some great June prizes!

2 Responses to June UFH Challenge Round 4: Everything Else

  1. Hi Annette,
    First time at your blog and I will definitely be back. We’ve been gardening for a while and love it. Since retiring, we are working toward more sustainability. Check out our blog and look up my mothers recipe to cook collard greens.
    Leo at Cottage at the Crossroads

  2. Hi Annette! I’ve been MIA, too, but am hoping to get things back in order soon. Too much to do and not enough hours in a day. thanks for linking up to my post on infusions. The mint ice cream sounds great!

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