July UFH Challenge – Winter Gardening and Seed Saving

It’s the fifth of July and summer seems to finally be taking off it’s winter coat and thinking about staying. Your squashes and corn and tomatoes and bean plants are finally putting on some growth. Your spinach and cilantro are bolting. Your peas are filling in and maybe some of the heirloom ones are showing signs of pea enation. You are remembering you may actually need to water the garden at some point and the slugs are finally easing up on oh everything a bit, the cabbage moth butterlies have laid their eggs and those eggs have hatched and eaten your kale.

Yes, summer is finally coming to your garden. The garden is filling in and showing up on plates at nearly every meal now and you can finally relax and enjoy the bounty of the seeds you sowed last spring.

Or can you? The truth is, if you want to eat from the garden all fall, winter and spring you need to get back out of the hammock and get cracking. Bill Thorness has got the first July challenge ready. But first, let’s look at the July prizes to get you excited.

July prizes from our sponsors:

For now, head on over to Cool Season Gardening for the first challenge – Start a winter garden now! Yes, right now. Go dust off your seed packets and get planting!

10 Responses to July UFH Challenge – Winter Gardening and Seed Saving

  1. So wish summer was coming here instead we are into a forth month of persistent rain. Half the garden has drowned, all the hot weather plants are sulking if they haven’t been eaten by the slugs who are wandering around in broad daylight it’s so wet and grey. Anyone over there in America lacking rain it’s all here in the UK ! The rain started pretty much to the day that a drought was declared and hosepipe bans went into force because it had been so dry over winter ! That’s British weather for you.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Oh Esther we’ve had it here in the Pacific NW as well but it just finally started to dry off this week. Has it for you too? I hope?

  2. Ok… I am inspired! Moving on out to figure out the winter garden!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Excellent Andi! I’m picking through my winter seeds as well. It makes it feel like summer is nearly over to think about winter already!

  3. Its going to be difficult for me to participate in this months challenge as we have had such a dismal summer that nothing has grown, let alone started to produce any seeds!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Jayne I bet by the end of the month you’ll be able to save peas or something. Even if it’s just weeds. ;p And there is the winter garden challenge so if you can’t save seeds you can at least start something for winter. Thanks for playing along!

  4. I just planted some peas in hopes of a Fall crop. My first try for that. And carrots – both regular and overwintering. And have some broccoli starts going (some for fall, some for spring). My biggest challenge will be keeping everything watered enough to germinate.

  5. I got some seeds started in flats, but they are not looking so good…. they are all laying sideways.

  6. It seems the links to the challenge aren’t working :(
    But I did pull out my wilted lettuce (didn’t water enough in July) and aging collards and peas to make room for new lettuce, collards, and beets for fall. I went with seeds instead of starts, and am being diligent about watering so far. Waiting for signs of germination now….

    • Annette Cottrell

      Hi Elizabeth, I know they changed the title of the book and Bill was trying to change the site but now neither of them are working. I’ll update it once I get the right information and it’s working. Sorry!

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