Winter Gardening Challenge – Plant Carrots

Succession Sowing Carrots

Succession Carrots

How simple is that?

Plant Carrots.

You know you eat carrots all winter.

Did you know that they are simple to grow and can be stored in the garden until you are ready to harvest them? {Caveat: you may want to cover them with straw once the deep freezes start.}

Right now is the perfect time to prepare and plant out your carrot bed. Check with your extension office to find varieties that overwinter well in your climate. In the Pacific Northwest, Territorial Seed has a great winter catalog.

Grow them in a spot fairly void of nutrients. If you just pulled peas or lettuce out and have some space that would work. Check out this older post which explains how I prepare my beds for growing nice long carrots. I just started mine last week and they are covered with floating row cover to ward off the carrot rust flies and help keep the soil and seedlings from drying out when the sun decides to grace us with it’s presence.

Before heading out to start carrots, you may want to check my standard winter and spring seed starting schedule. Maybe you’ll be inspired and start some other things while you are out there!

4 Responses to Winter Gardening Challenge – Plant Carrots

  1. I planted harlequin carrots this winter down here in Australia. They take forever, but look so pretty that I think they are worth giving up the space for. I think it will be another month until they are big enough to harvest, but they don’t need any care at all..

  2. We planted carrots, kale, spinach and lettuce for this years go around… I hope to set up my back door cold frame soon… my last years winter garden froze in November… ;0( but I guess that is to be expected.

  3. Here in the hard clay of North Carolina, I have not had much luck with carrots. I have talked to many of the farmers and it seems that half are able to get carrots to grow (but they will not share how they are grown). I did try Parisienne in the Spring, they grew great and the kids loved the taste. I will be planting much more at the end of August (hoping to hve enough left to roast for Thanksgiving).

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