July UFH Challenge Roundup: Show Us Your Stuff

As I write this I’m at the Oregon coast. The sun is shining, the wind is negligible, and it’s balmy 75 degrees at 9 a.m. Temperatures are predicted to be in the mid to upper eighties today. If you’ve ever been to the Oregon (or Washington) coast, you know how rare this is. Back in Seattle it should be approaching ninety for the first time that I can remember in the last three years. And yet I want you to think about winter gardening and saving seed for next year.

From mid summer to late July is the time you need to get your winter garden started, and the time when everything bolts (shoots up flower stalks) and wants to make seeds to ensure the future survival of its kind.

Well….did you take the challenge?

Bill Thorness posted the first July challenge, winter gardening.

The second winter gardening challenge was planting carrots.

The third and final challenge was saving seeds. You can do this either by storing them yourself, or leaving them in the dirt to sprout on their own when conditions are right.



If you have a blog, please use the Mr. Linky tool to link to your blog entry showing us what you did this month. If you don’t have a blog, that’s ok. Simply leave a comment on this blog entry by midnight on August 12 and tell us what you did. Doing either thing will put you in the running for these fabulous prizes but despite that the linky tells you to also leave a comment, please only do one or the other. In order to keep the prize drawings truly random I have to look at the time stamps on both comments and linkups which is simplified if you only enter once. After linking or commenting, come back to THIS post on Monday, August 13 and check the comments to see if you won.

I hope you’ll visit the other sites and meet other like-minded urban farmers – I’m looking forward to checking out everything you’ve done myself!

So let’s see it!

23 Responses to July UFH Challenge Roundup: Show Us Your Stuff

  1. Hi Annette,

    Just wanted to say we hope you have a lovely time at the beach. You picked a perfect weekend. Also, was the ever a declared winner to June’s challenges?

    Remember the sunscreen!

  2. Just this morning I harvested my entire spring crop of carrots, and re-planted the bed with the rest of my carrot seeds for fall/winter.
    I also (shamefully) planted my fall seeds today. All my broccoli, califlower, brussel sprouts, and cabbages finally found some soil in cell packs today. I blame it on the heat, no energy to do much of anything outdoors these last few weeks!

  3. I originally had broccoli and cabbage started, but the heat wave we had eary July wiped my seedlings out. I do have more seedling started, (in a shady location). I am trying to time my beets and turnips for Thanksgiving. I may even give overwintering onions a try!

  4. Ooops… I gave my blog link, in my linky… anyway we planted beets, carrots, lettuce and spinach… however I didn’t save my seed just yet.. waiting a little longer and then we will save tomato seed and calendula. :)

  5. So far we have put in carrots, beets, spinach, and kale for the fall. I think we also have a plan that might actually work this year or getting in some veggies for winter/overwintering like more carrots, garlic, more spinach, Swiss chard, etc.

    Enjoy the beach!

  6. I started my winter garden- ok late fall garden LOL! I planted green beans, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.
    I did not plant carrots because I rent an apartment and do container gardening. I tried to convince my mom to let me plant carrots at her house and she said no BOO…
    Oh and I was so super excited to learn about saving seeds. I plans on saving my green bean seeds when the time comes. I saved some pepper seeds and I am going to attempt to save some seeds from my heirloom veggies I get from my CSA.

  7. I am on board for Challenge #3. The chard went to seed and after enjoying the sweet fragrance of its flowers, we’ll scatter the seeds in the perennial bed. I will also dry the Scarlet Runner beans, saving some for next year and eating the rest as dry beans. Last, I hope to save seeds from our saucy tomato as it is the heartiest, most fruitful tomato plant we have yet grown!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Nice work, Katie – and you won a copy of Edible Heirlooms! Email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and we’ll get it sent to you. Congrats!

  8. This is my first winter garden! I put in broccoli, kale and cabbage. Of course we have a ton of carrots. I discovered how wonderful those are to overwinter last year. Next week the brussel sprouts and beets go in.

  9. I put in chard, kale, beets and carrots for my first winter garden. I may try and squeeze in some spinach. I’m also carefully saving flower seeds to increase my pollinator garden next year. Thank you for such a wonderful (and educational) challenge!

    • Annette Cottrell

      Maia I’m glad you enjoyed it – and you won Bill’s upcoming book, Cool Season Gardener. It’s not out until early winter but I’ll get your name to the publisher so you get a copy as soon as it comes off the presses. Email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and we’ll get you set up. Congrats!

  10. Yes! I’m looking forward to a fall/winter garden. So far I’ve started a bunch of seeds – peas, basil, lettuce, kale, carrots (Parmex variety so they should grow even in a raised bed), swiss chard, beets, beans and cukes. When it gets cooler here, I’ll also start spinach, arugula and probably more carrots. It’s a gamble as to whether it’ll be warm longer (beans, cukes, basil) or cool down sooner (lettuce, peas, kale). The peas were saved from this spring/summer and the arugula is also saved.

    Oh, and a good addition to the garden: fencing. Earlier veggies have met with some serious munching.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Brighid I’ve never tried Parmex but I’ll have to look that one up. My summer (non bolting ) spinach was my best attempt at saving seed. It went RIGHT to seed so we’ll see if I can keep it watered enough to get winter spinach. Good job – and you won a copy of Urban Farm Handbook! Email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and we’ll get it to you. Thanks for playing!

  11. I’ve put in 2 types of broccoli (one for Fall, and purple sprouting for Spring), planted carrots (some for Fall, some overwintering), trying peas for Fall for the first time, and today will start lettuce, spinach, and some other winter greens. I’ve saved some flower seeds, but no vegetable seeds so far. Will try bean seed when it is ready. Good stuff.

  12. No blog post for this month’s challenge … we’ve been busy with our sidewalk farmer’s market, chicken wrangling, enjoying summer, and preparing for the fall crops. A few seed saving adventures like my mom’s arugula (which is better than mine … it’s compact and easier to harvest), some alliums, sweet peas, a few things here and there.

    • Annette Cottrell

      Grace I LOVE the sidewalk farmers market! And you won the floating row cover from City People’s! Email me and we’ll get it to you!

  13. I have planted winter carrots, and am getting ready to plant some other winter crops–chard, peas, and a few others. Seed saving was the most exciting for me. I have saved pepper seeds and some garlic; I’m waiting on tomatoes, beans, and squash. I’ll be posting on my blog when tomato seeds are ready to be saved.

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  15. Hope to win the book so I can learn to keep my vegetable garden alive in AZ. Thanks!

  16. We are potentially planning a move soon so I’m holding off on winter gardening. Also, seed-saving was a big FAIL so far because my entire zucchini/squash crop got a fungus, and by the time I figured out what was wrong, they had all died. Oh well, live and learn, right?

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