August UFH Challenge – Food Preservation

I’m just going to come out and say it: August is kicking my butt. If July was the month of house guests, August is the month of vacation and weeding and watering and cheesemaking and weeding and watering and cheesemaking with some chicken processing and house parties thrown in there. It’s the month wherein we all realize there are just a few weeks left before school starts and rush to do everything we’ve been meaning to do all summer.

But the garden and orchards have the same idea. They suddenly realize there are few precious weeks of summer left and rush to finish creating seeds – in the form of flowering stalks and fruits that wait for no man.

Your goal, as an urban farmer, is to preserve that glut.

This month we are going to look at ways to do that, from the tedious and time consuming to the simple.

Next week Marisa from Food in Jars will kick off some small batch canning. Then Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS will talk about fermenting foods. Later in the month I’ll talk about how to keep long-storing produce without using electricity, and some thoughts on eating seasonally.

So tune back in next week and watch for me to send you to the first host!

7 Responses to August UFH Challenge – Food Preservation

  1. I am so exited i have been waiting for this challenge. I am dying for the food in jars book. Here goes nothing

  2. I would love to win one of these books. Thank you for your blog.

  3. Hello, I am new to your site. It looks amazing. Thank you so much for all you do. Peace and love to you.

  4. I’ve discovered “weight loss through food preservation”! I’m too busy, hot and tired from picking, blanching, stirring, measuring, canning and freezing to eat in the evening.

  5. Love your website about growing your own food. I will be spending late nites digging in all the info about gardening, food preservation & fermentation. Thank you for the giveaway! Will be getting my fermentation jars soon to start fermenting.

  6. I found a challenge! LOL Off to tackle this one

    hope to hear about storeage minus electricity. I hope your month wasnt too hectic

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