August UFH Challenge #1: Small Batch Canning

Are you ready? I’m so excited about Marissa’s challenge for you. It won’t be the easiest but it’s so empowering. Head on over and take a look!

4 Responses to August UFH Challenge #1: Small Batch Canning

  1. Any more challenges this month? I have been canning all month!

  2. Hmm – I’ve been making a lot of jam, but after making up my own recipe (per Marissa) I was not impressed with the results. I guess I have to practice more! I combined bits of leftover fruit – peaches, nectarines (yes I added my extra acid) and blueberries. I then added a half of a vanilla bean and some cinnamon. I think the vanilla bean made it too sweet so I tried to cut the sweet with a little balsamic vinegar (I know, maybe too much going on in this recipe). It’s okay, but not to die for.

  3. This challenge gave me an excuse to try tomato jam, which I’ve always been intrigued by. It’s awesome! Check out my “Caprese Jam” at

  4. I made peach pie jam for my small batch canning!

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