August UFH Challenge # 2: Fermentation

It’s all the buzz – preserving food by fermentation. I bet your grandmother remembers eating something fermented, be it cabbage or pickles or fish. But you, maybe, can’t remember doing that. Maybe a pickle once in a deli, or one time maybe you picked up some kim chee in the refrigerator section. But you have been thinking about it. Maybe scared to try but curious?

Curious about this method of food preservation that requires no energy to process and renders the food even more nutritious than it was before processing. That’s right, because while the actual heat process of canning destroys a good chunk (some say up to 30%) of the nutrients and all of the enzymes, fermentation actually increases the vitamins and protects all the enzymes.

So maybe it’s time for you to give it a go and see what the fuss is all about.

Wardeh of is waiting to take you under her wing and get you going.

Wardeh Harmon’s book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods was recently published and it’s fantastic – I’ll be reviewing it this month and giving away a copy.

If you want to get an idea of some of my favorite things to ferment, check out the Fermented Foods under my recipe index. But first skip on over to Wardeh’s and see what she’s got bubbling.

As always, remember to come back here at month end to leave a comment or link to your blog so that you can be in the running for some great prizes!

4 Responses to August UFH Challenge # 2: Fermentation

  1. I just made fermented “dilly” beans with young scarlet runner beans. A week on the counter and today into the fridge to continue fermenting. One of my favorite ferments!

  2. In the last few weeks I have made pickled eggs (yum); spicy pickles (yum); garlic dills (yum before and after the dill/garlic was added). Now I have two versions of bread and butter pickles sitting on the counter. I’m hooked!

  3. I posted about my small batch canning, and now I happy to learn about a fermented challenge! Thanks… I just was given some cabbage! ;0)

  4. We’ve been sauerkraut fans for years, but are just branching out to other veggies this year… young scarlet runner beans are the first try, sitting on the counter right now.

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