Cheating on September with August -and the Show Us Your Stuff Link Up

I know it’s the last day of August but I’ve been so busy preserving the harvest that I have not finished all the challenges I have for you. SO I’m throwing up the linky now for those who want to add your stuff but we will not technically close this challenge until mid September. Why? Because it’s harvest time!

So imagine there is a stellar list of prizes in THIS SPACE. And then when you come back in a week it will magically be here {waves wand}.

In the meantime, for those of you who just can’t wait, I want you to leave a comment or link up to blog entries telling me about the challenges you have taken this month, but please only leave one comment or link up one time since doing so is what enters you into the random drawing for prizes.

That said, I do hope you can hold out one week longer and take the final two challengs: Cold cellaring and eating seasonally and then come back and link up or comment once you have done that next week.

22 Responses to Cheating on September with August -and the Show Us Your Stuff Link Up

  1. I made sour pickles (fermented rather than with vinegar) using cucumbers that I grew. They tuned out great and I’m working on my second batch. I used a big old crock, made a brine with sea salt and water, and added dill and garlic from our garden. The first batch used over 6 pounds of pickling cucumbers!

  2. Your right, it’s harvest time… so I managed to pull of a small patch canning project outside the major ones… thanks for the encouragement!

  3. This has been a fun, busy August for us! We’ve canned tomatoes, corn and tomato salsa, and peach salsa… 21 quarts and 12 pints. We are knee deep in scarlet runner beans and I’m getting some fermented ones going right now to see how well we like them. Also made yogurt quite a bit this month, as my ever-hungry eaters love it. It’s a wonderful time of year!

  4. I did make some small batch jam – cherry/plum/mint which just got finished on tonight’s sourdough bread. I also did a ton of preserving – froze kabocha squash, mustard greens, pesto and tomato sauce, made at least 6 different kinds of refrigerator pickles, and canned jam and pickles.

    Apple picking starts this weekend around here.

    Oh, and eating seasonally is a defense mechanism against the garden onslaught of greens, tomatoes, cukes, greens, shallots, herbs and did I mention greens? My family just might go on strike if tell that some of the seedlings for fall growing are yet more kale and swiss chard. :) I did not tell them that some of the frozen pesto is kale pesto.

  5. Last winter, I made 2 citrus preserves: preserved lemons & vodka kumquats. This month, I decanted the kumquat vodka for vodka tonics and used the boozy fruit to make marmalade (modifying the recipe from Food in Jars). Both taste great!

  6. Small Batch Jam Challenge – this was good challenge for me because we do not eat much Jam I made 2 varieties of Peach Preserves both low sugar – this was my making peach preserves – so GOOD it crazy =)
    first batch – Peach Jalapeno Preserves – YuM!
    and then a week or so later…
    round 2 – Ginger Lemon Basil Peach Preserves – double YuM!!
    We very well may be eating more jam in the future – Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  7. I’m waiting for the first frost to collect rose buds and make a apple-rose jam, should be interesting! I’ve also planted carrots although that was august challenge, better late than never!!

  8. DIY Kimchi, easy and oh so good.

  9. August and September are certainly busy around the garden. We have dried apples, apricots, and plums; canned applesauce and plum jam; and have part of the fall/winter garden in. So much still to do.

  10. Made some wonderful rhubarb-rasp jam, made kefir and some delicious sauerkraut. This is my first challenge! Already looking forward to next months!

  11. I LOVE to make jam, but this was the first time I ever tried my own recipe. I made a small batch of strawberry-vanilla bean-cinnamon jam. I absolutely love it, and will definitely make it again.

  12. I’ve managed to misplace my canner in the move, so that is a bit limiting :)
    However, I did make pickles in a few forms: have a big crock of fermented dills on the counter, and made a few types of refrigerator pickles. My daughter (5yo) LOVES the refrigerator pickles!!!

  13. I too have been working on refrigerator pickles for the first time. So easy and good! Green beans are good pickled that way too. I bought a bigger dehydrator and have been drying apple and peach chips from my and my folks’ garden. I have some local grass fed beef marinating and will dry some into jerky tomorrow. Trying to figure out what to do with all the potatoes… I’ve been experimenting with making potato chips. The dehydrator ones are ok, but those baked are definitely better (but more of a pain to make). What are some of the different ways you use up and preserve your many potatoes?

    • Amy you won the fermenation culture from Cultures for Life! Email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and we will get it to you. Thanks for playing!

  14. I absolutely LOVE canning!!! I canned so so much this fall. Peaches, tomatoes, carrots, green beans,saurkraut, soups, beans, jellies and jams.
    I also bought a few winter squash to see if I can make them last.
    Eating seasonally is my passion. It started when I read Animal Vegetable Miracle. Anxiously awaiting strawberry season again ;)

  15. This month(ish) I canned 75lbs of tomatoes into pasta sauce, soup, and crushed. Additionally I made lacto-fermented salsa (first time!) and pickled green beans from the garden (also a first).

  16. Ive made jams, pickles, refrigerator pickles and even tried kimchi! Ive still got to make chutney, a wet summer here has meant tomatoes are taking forever to ripen.

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  18. I preserve year-round, but in August I put up 27 quarts of dill pickles, two quarts of bread and butters, and started a batch of hot sauce (fermenting!). My husband and I are also working on weekly food plans and budgeting to make eating at home more intentional. I haven’t posted my preserving feats yet, but hope to in the next week.

    Dilly beans, tomato sauce, and peach jam are next!

  19. What a wonderful month(+). We’ve been preserving as we usually do, but I wanted to stretch myself a bit with some of your challenges. I’ve tried a few new small batch jams and jellies that I made from home grown fruit and I played with some basic recipes, but tried out new combinations of flavors. So far so good (although my wild harvested grape jelly needs a bit more pectin next time). We also have sauerkraut brewing, but no pickles this year. The one challenge I want to get to but it will have to wait until things are a bit quieter is creating our eating plan. We do bits and pieces of this, but I really would like to have a more detailed plan as you suggest. I’m thinking late autumn, early winter will be the time I tackle this. Thanks for the suggestions and motivation!

    • Andrea you won a copy of the Urban Farm Handbook! Email me at annette cottrell at yahoo and we’ll get it off to you. Yay!

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