September UFH Challenge Round 2: Custom Vinegar

Why make vinegar during barter month, you may ask? Because not everyone had the foresight or time to make excess quantities of home canned goodness last month when Marissa walked us through it. Okay, maybe that was just me and you are sitting pretty. But me, I’m super excited that right now Hawthorne, Oregon Grape and Ash Berries are available – and better yet, fruit castings leftover from late season canning. All free for the taking and turning into something special that will wow the socks off of lucky recipients.

Rachel Turiel of 6512 and Growing is my kind of gal: resourceful, frugal and a wealth of information. And whenever I feel like the chaos of food efforts with young children is overwhelming, I tune in to her blog. It’s sort of like a dose of Mr. Rogers. And by that I mean free therapy. Everything is calm chaos over there and her writing style is so best-friendly and down to earth that I always come away feeling like I just spent five minutes blowing bubbles while watching clouds.

So if, in your panic to preserve everything that your family needs last month, you didn’t manage to make those small batch specialties that will have people swooning over your barter offerings, then try your hand at some of Rachel’s vinegar ideas. As always, come back here at the end of the month and watch for the post to comment or link up to your September barter efforts. That will put you in the running to win some great prizes!

4 Responses to September UFH Challenge Round 2: Custom Vinegar

  1. I am making vinegar. I have “created” fruit flies!

  2. Home made vinegar is the perfect companion to your apple cider ferments gone awry…DIY titration next?

  3. I have mold growing on top of my vinegar should i throw it out.

  4. I’m trying my hand at vinegar using Bragg’s apple cider vinegar as the mother. Started with some fermented perry (pear cider) that we hadn’t drunk from a few years ago. One cup perry, 1/4 cup Bragg’s (shake bottle first to disperse the “mother”). Mix. Store in dark place with cheesecloth or sprouting lid over top (it needs air) for two weeks. Then add another cup of perry and so on until it turns to vinegar and a nice “mother” gel blob comes together in the container. Don’t know if it is working yet, but excited to try this with different alcohols, from old wine to apple cider. Have tried this with sweet juice, and it did NOT work. Should be easier once the juice has turned alcoholic, as that’s what the Mycoderma aceti bacteria eat. Best to have one “mother” for each type of vinegar.

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