September Barter Challenge – Show Us Your Stuff

Here we are at the end of another month. And what did we learn?

Kate walked you through the many ways that she has found to incorporate barter into her life from finding a weekly trade partner to hosting a swap to creating a swapping network.

Rachel gave you a great swapping vinegar recipe that makes fantastic barter currency.

And Aaron at Wallingfarm wants you to actually consider how many barter transactions you can use to replace food purchases.

So maybe your yard is full shade but you have a friend with a full sun yard. She can’t grow lettuce and you can’t grow tomatoes. Get together and make salad! Or it could be honey, or beeswax and tallow for soap, or rabbit hides to tan from someone with no time to tan. Get creative! Everyone one of you can grow or produce or make something that is valuable to someone else and saves you and them money while getting you both off the industrialized food grid and reducing waste.

Barter can be something fun – or it can be something seriously life changing like it has been for Aaron. And don’t forget that you can also barter for things that would make fantastic gifts for those you love (and thereby replace something that you would have purchased.) Christmas is coming and wouldn’t it be fantastic to not need to buy so many mass produced trinkets or Starbucks cards for all the teachers and dog walkers and UPS drivers in your life? So keep that in mind as we work our way closer to December’s challenge – artisan and homemade gifts.

For now I hope you will share what you learned, what seeds were planted, and what you have set aside to barter. I truly hope this humble monthly challenge will be the beginning of a major shift in your life.

What can you win?

A copy of Kate’s fantastically charming book, Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking

A copy of my book, Urban Farm Handbook: City Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat

Mad Barter Skillz – a life changer.

Show us your stuff! Please leave a comment or link up to blog entries below using Mr. Linky, telling me about the challenges you have taken this month. Please only leave one comment or link up one time since doing so is what enters you into the random drawing for prizes. I will leave this challenge open until Sunday, October 7 and then reply to commenters in this blog entry, or email those who linked up that won the random prize drawing.

16 Responses to September Barter Challenge – Show Us Your Stuff

  1. Well we are having some success with the vinegar challenge (doing Cornelian Cherry Vinegar), hosting a barter fair later this month and we just developed another barter exchange of pork and roasted coffee for honey! A pretty successful month for Wallingfarm :D Thanks Annette~

  2. Great challenge! I’ve found as of know, two person to barter with. I’ve also starter a “food and gossip” group. A bunch of friends meet up, everyone brings ingredients for a recipe of their choice and we have fun cooking everything and catching up. At the end, everything is split up and everyone has a variety of food for the week!

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  4. My husband and son are the family beekeepers. We have bartered honey for coffee, pork, a goose, skin salves and in exchange for the land where we keep our hives. Everyone feels great when they barter.

    I’ve traded eggs for candy, a knitted snood, and wrist warmers. I know how to knit but I don’t like it. It’s great to have someone else who does.

    But our best trade ever was when we swapped two hand carved wooden butter knives for Daisy, our awesome mixed breed duck, a bossy, noisy, goofy egg producing machine.

  5. Thanks to my successful tomato jungle I bartered for grapes (which are now raisins) and honey. Maybe more tomatoes next year.

  6. My friend and I bartered for fresh fruit. She has blackberries, I have raspberries and I missed out on blackberry picking this year, so I was very glad to find she still had some that weren’t jam yet!

    I also signed up for Wallingfarm’s bartering social in October! and got another friend to sign up as well and get interested in planning more bartering for next year!

  7. I traded some fresh eggs from my ladies for some yard work help this past month. It was an amazing trade-off on both ends!!

  8. I searched high and low, called my local extension office, posted on FB checked at local farmer’s market NOONE was interested in barter or even a food swap. **POUTING**

    I made vinegar. Pineapple. I was worried when it got mold on top, but it never grew back after I removed it.

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  10. I have been on a continuious vinegar making binge, peach peels, appe peels, muscadine mash, pear peels, and some herbs (which do not appear to be doing anything). We tried the peach vinegar today in a salad dressing ( egual parts vinegar, (real fermented) soy sauce, oil, and sugar, and ad some freshly grated ginger). The kids just about picked all the cucumbers left to dip in the dressing.

    As far as bartering, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE IDEA! I bake cakes to sell but am limited to personal sales because I do not have a proffessional kitchen. Now I have use of a professional kitchen at night in exchange for 8 cakes a week. This has been a real “Whay didn’t I think of that experience”. I have appreciated the inspiration from the challenges to improve our lifestyle.

  11. I am a bartering fool: editing work for a massage, eggplant for fermented goods, kimchi for potatoes. My post that I linked to tells a bit about it towards the bottom.

    But wait, if I’m hosting the challenge can I enter? Because I really want Annette’s book.

    • Annette’s book is great!

      I’ve finally tried making some vinegar with apple peels and cores but it’ll be a while before I know it’s good. In the meantime, I’ve just got to get my family not to be grossed out by the concept. :)

      As for barter, we’ve mostly gone with the I-have-extra-and-you-need-it method in our neighborhood/circle of friends. It’s barter on an extended basis, I guess. For instance, a lady in town was digging out her day lilies earlier this year and she gave me some. Today, I stopped by and gave her parsley and hot peppers. We also have a computer repair / tractor mowing informal arrangement with a neighbor and so on.

  12. Is there going to be a separate post where we post our results for the vinegar making challenge?

    • Hi Jenny – Brighid and Joanna won the book copies. And in an amazing twist of, Brighid’s number came up 3 times out of 4. Weird! Thank you all for playing along! And now on to October (now that it is flying by…)

  13. Although I had the best of intentions October ended before I made my vinegar although it is still on my to do list. I did manage to barter a huge zuchinni in exchange for a bag of plums from a friend!

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