December UFH Challenge Kickoff: Handmade and Small Business Christmas

Welcome to December (as if you weren’t already in the thick of shopping, baking, cleaning and singing carols?)

What does Christmas have to do with Urban Farming? Reducing your footprint on this planet, of course! Eating locally is fantastic – but we can also buy locally and better yet, make our own gifts. You’ve probably heard the statistic that if each American consumer spends $64 (of the average $700 spent on gifts this Christmas) for things that are made in the US, it would create 200,000 American jobs. Why not take that one step further and support your local artists, craftspeople and economies?

You can purchase artisan items made by local crafters, or purchase raw materials and make the gifts yourself (thereby helping out your pocket book which in essence pays you as the local artisan!) In the next week I will be rounding up some fantastic last minute gift ideas for you to bake, craft or throw together. No glitzy, stimulus-packed malls or made in place of “foreign origin” stickers required!

For now I will be sending you to Diana’s (the most joyful person I can think of!) fantastic blog, A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa for the first make it yourself challenge. Remember to come back here again in a few days for the next challenge!

2 Responses to December UFH Challenge Kickoff: Handmade and Small Business Christmas

  1. I have been crocheting snowflakes, and even had a giveaway on my blog. It is such a pleasant way to pass the time in the evenings, that I have now started on angels…. I have some patterns on my blog

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