UFH December Challenge #2 – Gift Seasonal Preserves

In Seattle we are blessed with many amazing personalities at the forefront of food justice, urban farming and preserving. Maybe it’s because this was a pioneer town at heart that continues to foster the pioneer spirit. Maybe it’s because the climate here is so conducive to growing food year-round. And maybe other cities have as much brotherly love, empathy and civic spirit but I am not in those cities.

The food movement here is sincere, blazing trails, and forged by people like Amy Pennington. I am thrilled that Amy agreed to co-host this month’s Homemade and Artisan Gift Challenge.

Amy created Go Go Green Garden in 2007, is insanely busy freelancing on a long list of food pulications, penned both Apartment Gardening and Urban Pantry, and hosts the PBS show, Check Please! Northwest. If Amy’s books are not yet on your Christmas wish list, get them there pronto.

So now, make a cup of tea and get cozy as you jump on over to Amy’s fantastic blog and take the second December challenge. Prepare to be inspired!

As always come back here when your tea cup is empty for the next challenge.

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