Nearly Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

After a few rounds of house guests (and the prerequisite house cleaning), general holiday endeavors, a round of furious knitting and furniture refinishing, end of year crunch accounting and cheese making and other classes I’ve been offering this winter, I will be coming up for air and resuming the not-quite-completed Urban Farm Handbook Challenge.

I realize now that I don’t have time to both blog and round up co-hosts and prizes as well as teaching myself to play the piano and accomplish my other personal objectives, work, garden, breed and milk goats, raise and process meat chickens, turkeys and rabbits, plug away at turning this property into a profitable farm and manage the bulk produce buys this year SO…

I will be revisiting each monthly challenge and invited you to partake and hopefully finding time for me to partake this year as well! Sadly that means no prizes and a more loose format but I hope you will still play along and continue to challenge yourself to learn one new skill set each month as you work your way towards independence from store.

So tune back here in early February as we revisit what we learned in 2012 and plan for a successful 2013!

4 Responses to Nearly Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. I like your relaxed approach. I tried to do the monthly challenges last year, and was successful on most of them. I just didn’t always have time to leave a comment, or update my own blog. I work full-time outside the home and am trying to do more, and more, to live like you…(organic, sustainable sources that are local, etc.). With that said – I was referring to your book for tips on grinding wheat. I’m trying your bread recipe this weekend with King Arthur Flour. I bought some hard red wheat from Central Market and plan to use my Cuisinart to grind it down. If I can get my family to convert, I will work toward investing in a grinder/mill appliance. My farm update – we unloaded 3 trailors of manure/compost mix last weekend (neighbors barn, and landscaping company leftovers) and purchased 2 peach, 2 cherry, 2 apple trees, and 3 golden raspberry plants. I plan to get them in all in the ground tomorrow. It will be 75 a few days here this week in North Texas! Crazy, huh? I have chinese cabbage, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepeno peppers, and cauliflower started and up in seed trays. Thanks for continuing the challenge and for continuing to inspire me!!! Good luck and I pray you have a healthy and blessed 2013! – Mary

    • Annette Cottrell

      Mary how exciting for your new trees. I’m so glad that so many people were able to finish the year. About to do a wrap up now (finally) And yes, 75 is crazy! I am excited we hit 45 today here which feels balmy after our recent stretch of nearly 3 weeks without ever getting up to 32. It suddenly feels like spring and the frogs are croaking in the woods again!

  2. Thanks Ann! Just wanted to let you know that your bread recipe was a hit. It turned out great the first time. I’m a good baker, but not a very experienced bread baker, so I was glad. Will be playing more with wheat. I’ll keep checking in to see what’s going on/what’s new. – MW

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