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Community Kitchen Classes Coming

I met the most amazing woman at the barter. She pulled up a table and proceeded to unload boxes and boxes of home preserves with the most mouth-watering descriptions imaginable. And then I got busy and didn’t have time to try and barter with her.

Later on I found out that she not only does everything using small batch canning, but does it on a one burner stove in the sailboat she lives on.

The best part is she teaches cooking classes at the Ballard Community Center and there are two coming up so I grabbed the info. I hope you can make it! You can sign up through the parks department here or call 206-233-7138 to make reservations.

November 16th – Persian Cuisine
We will be exploring Persian cuisine in November. The menu is going to be very focused on fresh herbs. We will be making Sabzi Polow (Rice with Fresh Herbs), Kookoo-ye Sabzi (Herb Omelet), and then Khoresht Gol dar Chaman (Fava Bean Stew). This is going to be alot of fun. With the Khoresht you will learn to make many different types of Persian stew/braises. The two herbs dishes are traditional for the Persian New Year.

December 14th – Soups
We will be making three different soups to help you get through all of the holiday rushing. Thai Squash Bisque and Mushroom Barley with Dill Horseradish Pesto are two I am definitely planning on making.

The classes are held at the Ballard Community Center at 6020 28th Ave NW, 98107