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Where in the World is Annette? Or Enough of the Buys Already!

She is not, in fact, with Waldo or Carmen Sandiago as you might think. She, in fact, is driving the Crazy Bus once more. And her husband thinks she just may have driven it off the cliff this time.

While at the last Permaculture convergence she was filled with the sudden sense that there must be a better way to buy food at affordable prices grown by small, local alternative farmers. Not the ones that have the corner on the farmers markets or the ones that have corporate accounts. But the little guys just starting out using hand methods, feeding the soil and the planet.

The bulk buys are great but she has had to limit the number of consumers and producers in order to manage it all using google docs and a mediocre, late night brain. Because of her limited time she first sold to those easiest to sell to – the ones with disposable income and space to store large quantities of produce, or free to time and knowledge to can it all. Thinking there must be a better way, she backed the crazy bus out of the garage and once again got behind the wheel.

In between trips with goats (think poop in the car) up to the breeder, holidays, sleepovers with friends and book signings, she managed to gather a few other bus riders: a chief partner in crime Jenny Lisk, conductor Liz Kramps and sage Tom Allen. Together they drank coffee, ate butter buns and plotted. The outcome of several weeks of sleepless nights is a grant proposal for a new kind of food cooperative.

Now I know what you are thinking, we have food cooperatives and how many others have come before us and failed? But when crazy is involved, there is no try.

So watch in the next few weeks for details to emerge of this new food cooperative: one which gives preference to urban farmers and local, small, alternative and cottage producers. One which allows you to shop from the comfort of your home and select delivery to a neighborhood depot if you so desire. A food cooperative that strives to keep food at a fair price for producers but also for consumers. A not for profit in action as well as in name food cooperative.

Because food can be local and it can be good and it can be accessible and it can be affordable. Are you ready to hop on the crazy bus too?