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Blackberry Juice


Last Thursday I dragged the kids out to pick blackberries before they were gone and we came home with just enough for one cobbler and a round of blackberry juice inspired by Tilth Restaurant in Wallingford. We made it today and it was amazing (don’t I always say that though?) Just so you know I don’t blog about my flops but I have my fair share of them. This, however, is something you should all make pronto.

I made a batch of simple syrup with 1 cup of sugar and 2 cups of water, heating and stirring until the sugar was dissolved. I added a handful of muddled lemon verbena to this and let it steep for 10 minutes.

While that was steeping I blended up a half quart of blackberries then added them to the syrup. After about 5 minutes of mushing it around in the pan I strained everything out and it was ready to drink.

You could cut the water in half when making this to make syrup or sorbet base. It also would be great in a reduction for venison or game. I plan to freeze the extras in ice cube trays to make sauces, flavor ice cream or just drink. This would also be safe to can using a water bath process.

Next year I plan to do a LOT more berry picking since they are wild and free around these here parts but the real reason is because my kids will finally be old enough to help out!