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This is a collection of helpful tools that I’ve created through the years to help plan my garden. Clicking on the photos will make them larger but clicking on the links will open an Excel or Word document that you can customize and make your own. But please don’t re-publish them as your own tools – give me credit for the time I spent coming up with these!

Garden Shopping List

This is the master list that I use to plan how much of any one food item we will eat in a year. It helps me see how many I would need to grow, and then decide if I have that much garden space to devote to that crop. I may see how many cabbage and tomato plants I would need and decide to buy them instead at the farmers market and reserve that garden space for lettuce and kale, for instance. This is an Excel spreadsheet that you can download and customize for your own family’s tastes.


This is my fall/winter garden planting and harvest dates – so that I can be sure of having enough fall and winter produce on hand for my family of four.

Children’s Garden

This is a 4×4 three season children’s (or beginner’s) garden that I designed in 2010 to demonstrate how much food you can grow in a small space. I chose varieties and plants that children in particular would delight in.

Here is the list of seeds for the children’s garden, how to grow each plant and how to save the seeds.
Here is the schedule for when to start the seeds and directions for making a simple branch or bamboo trellis to support the cucumbers.

Here is a list of my must have edibles and medicinals.

It changes occasionally as I discover new must-haves but I never stray too far from this list. Of course now that I have more acreage I’ll be adding to it but this is a great list for urban and suburban gardens.

7 Responses to Helpful Tools

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  2. Perfect! Thanks so much – I will adjust this for planting in Oz, but you have done all the hard work :) Thank you, truly!

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  5. May I ask where you live and what growing zone this is for? Thank you :)

  6. Awesome tools – I especially love the start dates and am looking forward to a more bountiful garden!

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